Rootwork & Readings

Rootwork Consultation
A rootwork consultation is a spiritual diagnostic reading during which we discuss and diagnose a clients spiritual needs. After this assessment I am able to design a rootwork strategy for the case. This can involve  altar work devised to sweeten, dominate or send-away troublesome influences; or to attract someone or something desired. I do this kind of work on your behalf in my altar room.

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As a practitioner and student of the cards for more than 15 years, I strive to continually deepen and integrate the secrets of the cards into my life in a very practical way so that I can show others how to do the same. I love aligning my clients to their destiny using the transformative power of card reading. I draw on my spirit contacts and mediumistic abilities to deepen all readings and maintain an open empathic connection with my clients. I read using the tarot, as well as the classic Lenormand oracle, sometimes referred to as gypsy cards.

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