This spell is particularly well suited to conjuring up a material item such as a new car or home. Or a lump sum of money. Something that you can own and touch. This has to do with the secret geometrical properties of the ALL POWERFUL TRIANGLE OF MANIFESTATION. You can however use it to manifest more abstract qualities such as strength or love, should you choose.

You will need:

1 vigil light of appropriate colour
X number of taper candles of appropriate colour
suitable condition oil
magnet oil
petition paper


First you will need to decide on a word that describes what you want to conjure into existence. If you want a new house, for example, your word will be HOUSE. If you need new employment then your word might be JOB. If you need five thousand dollars then your ‘word’ is $5000.

Let us assume for the sake of this example that I intend to manifest a motorcycle. I will opt for the word BIKE. The longer the word the more candles you will need. The ideal range is four or five letters, but as low as 3 and as high as 6 is workable.

You should select a suitable condition oil. If for example you are trying to conjure up a quick sum of money then you might opt for something like Fast Luck, or another money drawing oil. Another approach is to work astrologically and to use a planetary oil. You will also select the colour of your candles based on your goal - green for money etc. Lastly, you will want to select an appropriate herbal component to grind and sprinkle on the candles to add some botanical power.

The Petition Paper


Write your word using the ALL POWERFUL TRIANGLE FORMULA. In order to succesfully call upon the awesome geometrical and occult properties of the ALL POWERFUL TRIANGLE, start on the first line with the first letter of the word adding letters on subsequent lines until at the base of the triangle you have the entire word.

Remember, the full word should be at the base of the triangle.

Beneath this you should write your full name. Dress the paper with oil, place a hair from the crown of your head in the centre of ALL POWERFUL TRIANGLE and fold it towards you.

The Candles

As mentioned the quantity of taper candles is dependent on the length of your word.

3 letters = 6 tapers
4 letters = 10 tapers
5 letters = 15 tapers

Start by dressing and fixing the vigil. Place the petition paper under the vigil light. Next, taking into careful consideration the letters of the ALL POWERFUL TRIANGLE FORMULA, use a pin to carve each letter into a candle. One letter per candle. That means in my example I will have four candles with the letter B; three with I; two with K; and one with E.


Once you have done this you will dress the candles with condition oil, sprinkle with your chosen powdered botanical - and finally arrange the candles standing in the form of the ALL POWERFUL TRIANGLE OF MANIFESTATION; making sure that it corresponds to the formula used in the petition.

The Work

Activate your incense.

Light the vigil in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost and then recite Psalm 23.

Close your eyes and formulate a clear image of the thing you desire. Do not attempt at this point to animate it in your mind yet however. Merely hold it as a still image. When you feel ready light the apex candle declaring: “Through the All Powerful Triangle do I manifest my hearts desire!”

Meditate upon the flame for a while, seeing if you receive any impressions and then leave it to burn.

The following day return to the spell, recite Psalm 23 twice. Visualise your desire but this time begin to animate it. Bring movement into scene. In the case of the example, I might see myself turning the key and starting up the motor of my new bike. When the moment feels right light the next two candles declaring:  Through the All Powerful Triangle do I manifest my hearts desire!”

On the third day return to the spell and recite Psalm 23 three times. Close your eyes and visualise your desire bringing yet more detail into the visualisation. For example I might feel the vibration of the bike and wind in my face as I zoom down the freeway. When the moment feels right light the next three candles declaring:  Through the All Powerful Triangle do manifest my hearts desire!”

Continue like this each day adding an additional recitation of the Psalm and more details to the visualisation - until you feel, see, hear, touch and know it to be manifest. Each time light the next row of increasing number candles declaring:  Through the All Powerful Triangle do manifest my hearts desire!”

Continue like this until all the candles have burned then collect the wax remains, herbal remnants and petition and tie these into a packet to keep until your desire has manifest.

Closing Comments

Those adept in the mysterious geometrical properties of the ALL POWERFUL TRIANGLE will recognise that its formula can, with some modification, be altered so as to produce a TRIANGLE OF VANISHING.

But let us not speak of such things here.