The Broken Candle

Considering that candle magic is one of the most popular forms of magic it’s not all that surprising that often spiritual attack takes the form of candle spells.

The following counter spell will break the effect of most garden-variety candle spells. And since the majority of spells done by your average spell-caster involve candles in one way or another - chances are good that you are going to swat a spell using this whether it's an outright attack or some other kind of manipulative spell.

You will need:

black candle
mason jar

The Work

Start by seeing if you can divine which direction the spell is coming from. Divining with a pendulum is one way to discover this. Or, if you already have a clear idea of where your attacker lives then face in their general direction when doing this work.

Urinate in the mason jar. Leave it open. Then, stand facing in the direction of your attacker, black candle in hand. Next, take the (unlit) black candle and ‘clean’ yourself with it. That means you take the candle and briskly wipe yourself down starting with your head and ending at your feet.

Then light the black candle, hold it up and peer into its flame. Do so until you get some sense of your attacker. You may see their face in the flame, or some other scene related to them. It could simply be a feeling in the pit of your stomach if you are not particularly visual. A certain knowingness. The information received like this can be quite enlightening as to the nature of both the spell and enemy. Whatever the case may be, peer into the flame till there is a psychic connection.

In an angry voice say:  their sword shall enter into their own heart and their bow shall be broken!*

As you say "broken" swiftly break the lit candle and drop it in the urine; screw the lid on and immediately dispose of it away from your home. I repeat, do not leave it around the house, or near the house.

Get rid of it.

(If you suspect that you are under spiritual attack but unsure - a reading is a good place to start. Not all misfortune is the result witchcraft)

*Psalm 37:15

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  1. Ooh fascinating! I have not heard of this spell. Love it!