Let Him Go with Scissor Magic

There are times when we are simply unable to let go of someone. Often the problem is plainly psychological; yet sometimes it's because there are subtle but persistent energetic links that complicate matters. Clairvoyants describe these as cords attached to the auric field. Resultantly, you may find yourself dwelling on your ex long after the usual mourning period.  Our perpetual hyper-connectivity does not help much either, providing plenty of opportunity for social media torment. Worse yet, the other person may have ended the relationship abruptly by “ghosting” you - unexpectedly blocking all contact, social media and so forth - without so much as a word of explanation. Getting discarded in this way can wreak emotional havoc. In the extreme, clients report recurring dreams, intrusive thoughts and a sense of bondage that friends and family fail to understand.

To this end, scissors are magically useful for severing psychic and emotional ties.

A brief anecdote attests to the power of even the simplest scissor magic: during a reading a client of mine who is a hostess at an establishment in Amsterdam’s red light district described how when a patron overstays his welcome she will lay a pair of open scissors - blades facing in the client’s direction - behind the bar where they can’t see it. Pretty soon the unwanted guest will grow uncomfortable and leave.

It is this ancient potency of the shears' open blades that we will be invoking in the following spell. It will cleanly sever all lingering mental, emotional and sexual ties with a person. With some modification this spell can be used to break contact with a spirit that may have been useful at one time but has become bothersome for whatever reason. The spell is designed to bring a firm but loving severance. It does not harm the other party. It sends them away with a blessing. But send them away it does.

You will need

pair of scissors
photo of you with your ex
blue vigil candle
appropriately gendered pink figural candle to represent the ex
pink figural candle for yourself
holy water (from a church)
clear drinking glass
healing and blessing condition oils

Set Up

You will want to set this up in a fireproof dish or pan of some sort. Dress the blue vigil with healing oil. Take a pin and carve your ex’s name on the appropriately gendered candle and yours on the other. You should proceed to baptize each candle using a few drops of holy water, naming them respectively. Anoint your ex’s candle with blessing oil, as you do so offer a sincere blessing to them. Anoint your candle with healing oil, praying for your own healing. Next, set the two figural candles so that they are facing apart - the ex’s candle facing to the left. Place the glass between the two candles and fill it with holy water. Place the photo somewhere to the side of this arrangement along with the scissors ready for action.

The Work 

Light the blue vigil to watch over the work with a heartfelt prayer for release and healing. Light the two figural candles next; again blessing your ex as you light his candle. Call on divine strength and healing as you light your own. Now, take up the glass of holy water and speak into it everything that you need to say to your ex; everything that went unsaid or otherwise could not be said. Speak from the heart and make it count - the water will be transmitting that to them. If you cry let your tears drip into the holy water. When you are absolutely done and emptied of all that needed to be said, put the glass back between the candles. Take the photo and scissors - cut the two of you apart with a decisive stroke. Place your ex’s half face down under the glass, and yours face up under the blue healing vigil.

Hold the scissors with ceremonial conviction and cut in front of your brow, say firmly: I cut all mental cords to N! 
Then, cut in front of your heart and say: I cut all emotional cords to N!
Following that, cut in front of the groin area and say: I cut all sexual cords to N!

You may want to visualize cords severed and dissolving into dust.

Finally, vigorously snip all around the ex’s candle as you declare: I permanently sever all ties to N! Continue snipping around the candle till you feel that the moment is right and then position the open blades on top of the glass facing the ex's candle between the two figures, like so:

Leave the figurals (and vigil) to burn. The figural candles will burn down within a few hours, the vigil will take 5-7 days. Each day return to the spell, take the scissors and again repeat the words above as you cut in front of your head, heart and groin. Each day, place the scissors back on top of the glass as before. When the blue vigil has finally finished burning dispose of the water and other remains of the spell at a crossroads.


  1. wich saint can assist this spell,wich one can i use for doing this ?

  2. Saint Claire of Assisi might be a good choice. In that case I would substitute the blue healing vigil for a Saint Claire vigil and include her prayers when lighting it.

  3. Nice Spell. Scissor magic always works really fast and powerfully.
    In my Italian background sissors are an essential tool and are frecuently used.