Nonsense Cards and the Tao of Shuffle

There is a psychic component to the process of shuffling. If you are tuned into the querent and question as you shuffle, the cards you draw will ‘click’ when you see them. In other words; there is a connection between quality of attention while shuffling and the accuracy of the cards you draw. Often there will be a thematic confirmation (such as seeing the Lenormand heart, or the Lovers card in a love reading), or some other appropriate visual rhyme that let’s you know you are on track. An eye full of "nonsense cards” is a clue that you may have spaced out while you were shuffling. What you see in front of you will seem wrong. This is a different situation to not understanding what you see - and this is where some experience with the cards is useful - since you don’t want to discount a spread simply because you don’t know enough about the cards, or worse, don’t like the answer. Nonsense cards are different. They seem to be talking about something other than what you are asking about and are correlated to losing your focus when you shuffle. How to tell the difference?

Simplicity itself. If you get what seem to be nonsense cards, think back to the shuffle - did your mind wander? If your mind was elsewhere and the cards look nonsensical then you know. No problem. Pick up the cards, refocus and reshuffle.

The Tao of Shuffle

It’s not so much about the technique as the attitude and finesse with which you deploy it. So keeping this in mind; begin randomising the cards in your preferred way. I enjoy riffle shuffling because it brings a certain spontaneity and theatre to it. Hold your attention on the question as you shuffle. Not too tight, not too loose. This is important. If you scrunch your mind up with tension, this will also interfere. Instead, feel into the question. In fact; see if you can begin receiving psychic information or impressions about the situation as you shuffle. Not only does that 'calibrate' the cards but often you will receive psychic flashes that are satisfyingly confirmed once you lay out the cards. That’s the visual ‘clicking’ that I mentioned earlier. Even if you do not receive explicit psychic information, the intention to do so is enough to attune the cards to the question. Continue shuffling confidently and when the moment feels right cut the pack and start placing cards. There is a fine line between trying too hard and deftness. Think of the way a potter works clay on the wheel, for example. There is a lightness of touch combined with finesse and confidence. If the potter’s attention waivers or she forces the clay, the spinning pot goes wonky.

A reading is much the same.

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