Transylvanian cure for the evil eye

'Szenes víz', (coal water) 

Here is a wonderful bit of folk magic from a dear friend and client who hails from Transylvania, Romania. She is a gifted medium and budding spiritual worker in her own right; and described this method to me during a reading at my house recently. I invited her to share it in her own words with the readers of my blog.

She writes:

“This is often, but not exclusively, applied to small children when people suspect that they could've been given the bad eye. This doesn't have to be malicious, if someone particularly admires the beauty of a child or pet for that matter, this causes that person/animal to get sick.

Common 'symptoms' of the bad eye: nausea, headache, lethargy, sick to the stomach, feeling 'off', crybabies. Especially after an encounter with someone outside the trusted social circle.

There are many variation to make it. In the old days people took out several pieces of glowing coals from the stove for this use. Nowadays they just use matches.
The ingredient are everywhere the same. The preparation differs in the way people pray over the water (kind of prayer, before/during/after burning the matches, amount of matches, disposal of the water, anointing the body parts)

Our version: 

Prepare this in the presence of the 'victim'

1 glass/cup of cold (spring) water
9 matches

Light the first match and hold it in your right hand above the water. Let it burn as far down as you are able to keep it in your hand without burning yourself.
Light the second match with the first one.
While doing this, break off the burnt part of the 1st match with the 2nd match and let it fall into the water (not the whole match, just the part that breaks off)
Make the sign of the cross 3x over the water saying 'In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen'
Light the 3rd match with the 2nd one, and continue as above dropping the burnt part of the match into the water and making the sign of the cross every time.
Continue like this till all matches are gone.

Pray the Lord's Prayer over the water.

Let the victim drink 3 sips of water from the cup.
After this dip your pointing and middle finger into the water and make a cross on the forehead, heart, both wrists and both foot soles of the victim.

Go outside and throw the water against the cornerstone of the house while saying something like 'as quickly as this water runs down, so shall the sickness of X pass'

People can also tell (divine) from the amount of sunken matches if the person was indeed given the bad eye. If the matches all float on the surface, it's not the case. The more matches are sunken the worst it is. On the different count of sunken matches one could also tell whether the bad eye was given by a woman or a man, but I'm not sure how that goes. I've been reading that this divining is also different depending on the area.

I have to add that is customary that the coal water is made by a woman, preferably a female member of the victims family.



(We were talking about either making a photo tutorial (or maybe a short video) next time she visits since there is a trick to the way the matches are lit, so stay tuned.)


Call Back Your Power

Working full time as a reader (or in any helping profession, really) can occasionally leave you feeling energetically drained. I say “occasionally” because experienced mediums and readers will also remind you that if you are “in the power” when you are working (to use spiritualist parlance), then a reading should in fact leave you feeling energised. That’s because when you are in the power you are not using your personal energy. You are not doing the work; it is being done through you. You can tell that you are in the power when you experience the “medium’s high”; that exhilarating rush that comes along with information from the Other Side.

Occasionally it doesn’t work that way. Usually it’s when you are trying too hard or otherwise getting in the way of the process somehow. Resultantly you are using personal energy. This can leave you feeling drained and if sustained over many readings can eventually lead to illness.

Even if you do not read for a living you may have noticed that encounters with certain individuals or places leave you feeling drained...

What you can do about it:

Here is a magical technique I have developed to use on the spot when I notice that this kind of energetic drain has happened. It only requires a minute or two and the technique effectively recalls all lost energy back to you. For the purposes of this technique we will imagine that the energy you have lost takes the form of ‘particles’. From this perspective all expended ‘particles’ of personal energy remain connected to you wherever it may have temporarily transferred. As such you have the power to command these particles to return to you in an instant. You can do so using what I am going to call the Power Recall Sigil. For readers who do not know what a sigil is; it’s a magical symbol that patterns your magical intent. In this case the intent is that the energy you have lost returns to you immediately. Think of it as your energetic royal seal.

I have requested and received the sigil above for readers to use, should they choose to. Alternatively, request a sigil from your own spirit helpers for this purpose.

The technique:

  1. As soon as you notice that you feel drained; take a moment, close your eyes and remind yourself of the sovereignty that you hold over your life force. 
  2. Slowly exhale bringing the Power Recall Sigil onto your mental screen. You can trace it in the air in front of you if that helps.
  3. Continue gently exhaling while visualising the sigil vividly. Empty your lungs. Do not inhale yet. Instead, hold it and let the desire for the next breath build. Let the sigil glow brighter with intensity. See all particles of lost energy rushing back with force into the sigil. Your need for air acts like a magnet, pulling the power back into the symbol. Hold it just a little longer than is comfortable, letting the sigil grow bright as a star… 
  4. Deeply inhale the sigil letting all the energy rush back into your system. I like to see it going down into my solar plexus. Let it circulate freely again as your breathing normalises. You should feel a pleasant glow as your power returns.


Street Cleansing

Here is a quick spiritual cleansing technique that’s perfect for when you are out and about in an urban environment and found you have stumbled into some spiritual muck. Most bars and nightclubs, for instance, are spiritually grimy. Music festivals and other large gatherings can be a bit dicey too, especially if you are a mediumistic type. Headaches or a sudden queazy feeling are good indicators that some psychic slime may have attached itself to you. Unexpected or unwanted conversations with shady characters can also leave you feeling a little odd. Cleansing this sort of thing on the spot is usually preferable to leaving it for later much as washing dirt out of a cut immediately is better than taking a course of antibiotics later. What can be cleared up quickly on the spot might require more trouble and effort once it’s taken hold.

As a habit you can do this cleansing whenever leaving this kind of environment, preferably at the door (or at a threshold of some sort). The reason that you do it as you are leaving near the threshold is so that it stays behind as you go. No point in cleansing and then remaining for a few more hours, for obvious reasons. Do it as you leave. If no obvious door or threshold seems accessible then do so at the very next street corner you pass.

Here is what you do:

Grab some small change out of your pocket. Holding the change in your dominant hand brush yourself down quickly. Think of the change as a psychic sponge. Make sure to finish by brushing off the bottom of your feet. Inconspicuously drop the change and walk away. The inconspicuous part is important because well-meaning bystanders might see the money dropping, run after you and try to give it back.

How does it work?

There are couple of ways of looking at it. The most important bit of folk-magical thinking at play here is that the gunk transfers from you to the money and then because money is sparkly and of interest to most people someone is bound to pick it up… and said gunk passes from you to them. A little mean but effective. Secondly, most spirits like money - certainly the sort of spirit that hangs out in bars and other venues of ill-repute! If you picked up an unwanted spirit passenger its likely to follow the money and stay behind at the door.


The Sensory Deprivation Tank

Luminous tendrils extend upward, swaying in an invisible current. Letting my awareness trace the lines up into the dark I become aware how each soft glowing filament connects my weightless body to a group of friendly jellyfish-like entities pulsing gently in the vast blackness. Each thread sending and taking exactly what is needed. Any resistance or hesitation syphoned away. Somehow getting worked on by these undulating aquatic angels doesn’t seem the least bit surprising. Serene light begins to supersede the jellyfish-vision, eventually extending everywhere. My eyelids flick open. The light remains stubbornly visible as I blink. Its elegant blueish-pink gradient extending from somewhere beneath me upward into forever. No body. I realise that this light has the exact same quality as a summer dawn that I waited up to see with a friend years ago. Or is it that actual morning? Am I back there on the beach? For a moment I am unsure as the perfection of that moment engulfs me again. Then I feel that it’s more than a vivid memory - it’s a knowing … a radiant ever-dawning goodness. Somehow it is that morning as a tangible force. My life-stuff. And then silky blackness again, punctuated only by my breathing. Or rather, I am being breathed. It feels right. “How long have I been in here?” I ask myself. The words tumble clumsily into the expanse. In this place a single thought seems to gate crash infinity like a drunk arriving at a prayer meeting. Startled at the brashness of my inner voice my mind opts for absolute stillness. An abyssal stillness that drills down into ever deepening recesses of stillness which give way to yet quieter places.

This was my sixth time floating in a sensory deprivation tank and I had taken to it like a deep sea organism.

During my first float I bobbed there, naked, in salty darkness waiting for something to happen. After what felt like an eternity (or was it five minutes?) I conceded that it was very relaxing but nothing special. So I just let my limbs and mind rest in the nothing. And then as I lazily kept an eye on that nothing it gradually took on an unmistakable character. The nothing was somehow holding me, feeding me. Then the stammering realisation: this nothingness is something. Vast, vibrant and satisfying. Sensuous weavings of thought, feeling and memory suspended in unconditional darkness. Each new inner contour receding again into soft limitless space...

My first breakthrough experience would become a stumbling block. I climbed out of the tank, my being ringing like a temple bell. I couldn't wait to get back in. And I spent the next few floats trying to get back to that deep place unsuccessfully. The experience remained enormously relaxing, with the after glow lasting several days. But no cosmic womb. Until my sixth float, having more or less given up, I was cast further out than I could have imagined. That’s the thing - the experience is predicated on absolutely relinquishing control. And when you do...

The tank has a lot to teach. If you have not tried floating in a sensory deprivation tank yet I highly recommend it.