Psychic Gravity: improving reading accuracy

One of the most potent factors in bringing about an accurate reading is gravity. I don’t mean the earth’s gravitational force but another equally intractable natural law. I am talking about the gravitational pull of serious concerns. When you approach any oracle with a real problem - something of genuine personal significance and consequence - the psychic weight of that issue unfailingly attracts an accurate response from the oracle.

This is the gravity of a true question. Something that truly matters to the querent. Why does the gravity of a concern influence accuracy? Well, you could say that when the stakes are high God is close by. Another way of looking at it is to say that a frivolous question doesn't have the energy behind it to fuel the ‘engine’ of divination. The numinous data connection has trouble getting established in such low-energy conditions. Consequently you may well get a nonsensical answer when you approach even the most accurate divination system with a frivolous issue. As one of my tutors once wryly remarked “sometimes sitters just get the reading they deserve”.

Similarly, you could stick your hand in a jar of fortune cookies when there is true need and happen to find the most profound reading of your life printed in broken english on a tiny scrap of paper. This is undoubtedly the result of the psychic gravity of a serious issue. And the dynamic is recognised as a critical factor by serious diviners in most systems.

Do not confuse gravity for melodrama, however. You may think your ex-boyfriend’s snotty text is the end of civilisation as we know it but that doesn't mean it has any true psychic gravity. I tell you this as a professional reader who has been pressured into reading about many a snotty text; passive aggressive facebook posts; and the other inconsequential minutiae and pettiness that pepper our personal lives.

Psychic gravity has to do with what truly matters.

This does not imply one should perform (or receive) a reading in a highly agitated state either. Typically, a great degree of emotional agitation tends to interfere with divination. And often the result can simply be a mirroring of your anxiety rather than an accurate depiction of events. It’s at times like these that the cards can be cruel.

How then should we find the balance between gravity and agitation?

The mind is ideally oriented as one might be in quiet prayer. The prayerful, contemplative heart approaches divination with a certain sense of constructive resignation and faith. We are simply coming for advice on how best to proceed - not because we demand to hear a certain answer. The fixation to hear a certain thing can, and often does, blind the oracular eye. And while few souls can truly be said to be detached from outcome since we always want things to turn out for the best, we can learn to momentarily loosen our grip.

Only in that quiet space can the honest voice of truth be heard. And in spite of occasionally being a little bitter to the taste, it really is the best medicine.