The Gate of Tears Is Never Closed

Extreme gratitude for all the prayers and healing for dear sweet Trixibelle. We did not have to put her to sleep today!! The vet is cautiously optimistic after the ultrasound and has (mostly) ruled out a tumor or cancer although a biopsy will confirm this. She seems to have Pancreatitis which can cause the liver to stop working but there appears to be a treatment regimen. She also mysteriously perked up this afternoon - although not having eaten for almost 3 days - started running around and wagging her tail and drinking water again, thankfully. If we can get her through the next few days the vet thinks there is a good chance she will survive. She is a fighter!

Trixi says thank you for the prayer and light! Keep it coming!


Save Trixibelle

This is an urgent call for prayers, lights, healing energy, spell work, conjuring or whatever else you can do spiritually for our beloved pet Trixi. She has fallen gavely ill and her liver has all but stopped working. Unless there is a miracle the vet has said we may need to put her to sleep tomorrow. We are a gay couple and trixi is like our child. Her full breed name is Trixibelle Rambling Rose of Tama - she is a pure bred miniature pincher with the most intelligent sparkly personality you have ever seen in a dog. We love her so much and the thought of losing her is just unbearable.

If you are spirit worker, conjuror, espiritista, magician, witch or wizard who has ever gotten any value or benefit from my blog and other writings I would like to ask for your help with this. Please help us save our beloved little family member.