Candle Conjure Meetings

Date: 19th April 2012
Time: 7- 9PM
Where: La Botanica: Haarlemmerstraat 109, Amsterdam Centrum
Cost: 15 Euros per person

Join us for an evening of candle magic, meditation and good mojo! We will work together using the practical art of candle magic to manifest your intentions. With plenty of encouragement and advice, each participant will fix and empower a magical candle of their choice using oils, powders and prayer - finally setting it on the altar allowing their spell to manifest.

We will each fix a candle for ourselves and then thereafter we will select a participant and we will all empower an additional candle for their petition. This means that at each meeting one individual will get the whole group working magically on their goal too. This way regulars will all get a turn to have the entire group working magically for them!

These evenings are intended to be friendly spiritual events - chatting, learning and sharing together as we dress our candles with fragrant oils, write our petitions and conjure our candles! Each session will culminate in a short ceremony and meditation where we will set our candles on the altar.

Chad will share easy candle works and spells anyone can use to help boost their love life, bank account and well-being.

Candle conjure meetings are suitable for seekers of any magical experience level or spiritual background. If you can say a heartfelt prayer - you can do candle magic! Each meeting includes a short introduction to candle magic for newcomers before we move onto the practical aspects of the art.

The 15 Euro fee covers the cost of your glass encased candles and the use of any of magical oils and powders. The duration of each candle conjure evening is approx two hours.


  1. Would love to attend, but due to distance, I can't. My heart and thoughts will be there.
    Enjoy and happy Conjure ;)

  2. LOL, well that's understandable Fanny! ;-)