progress mini-readings available by e-mail

My regular clients will know that I don't offer full spiritual card readings or rootwork consults by e-mail. In part because my reading method is interactive; but also because I like speaking with clients directly during a consult. Resultantly, I only offer in-person, phone, or skype spiritual readings and rootwork consultations - and that stands. That's the way I like to work.

I am making an exception to my rule, however. I am introducing an additional e-mail support.

Progress Readings ($15)

Progress readings are short, cheap e-mail updates/readings for people who have already had the initial rootwork consult and have contracted me to do spiritual work for their case. This is so clients can check-in and get a three card reading about something relevant to their case. This can be useful in the event that there has been some new development or complication pertaining to your case and you would like to take a quick look at with some divination. When you order a progress reading for your case I'll write up your short reading and then send it through to you by e-mail. Once again, you will need to have ordered spiritual services with me to be eligible for these mini-readings.


  1. I agree with you that it is necessary as a professional reader to put clear rules for the clients , and that the single reader must have the authority to work with his system and the client must follow this direction . Only in this way the professional occultist can give the best of his capacity to serve the people who turn to him for help and direction .

  2. I have had a mini reading to follow up on my case. Balthazar is an amazing worker and I highly encourage others to have him assist them in their cases. He shows that he truly cares about his clients and that means a lot to me. He is gifted but also a blessing to me and Im sure to many other of his clients.