Just shut up and take that bath!

Spiritual baths are a practice. One can be tempted to come to them in a perfunctory or impatient way. It's the thing you do because your spiritual worker or godparent insisted and, well, you have to get it out of the way. A chore. But, really, they are a practice. In santeria (and by extension espiritismo cruzado) all important rituals are accompanied by the ritual washing of something, be they objects or people. These washes are lustral herbal waters that cleanse and prepare but also infuse the object or person with power and blessings. Similarly, in hoodoo spiritual baths figure as an important part of the spiritual workers repertoire of prescriptions for many of the same reasons.

To wash oneself spiritually is a sacred act.

It develops one spiritually. It cleanses and it feeds your spirit. If you want to get into african-derived traditions and you groan and moan implacably about taking a spiritual bath then I have news for you!

You know what? The people who complain the most - the ones that resist and rationalise their way out of baths incessantly - need them more than anyone. There is something about that state of spiritual grubbiness that wants to defend itself. Sometimes it's a spirit that has attached itself to the person and it's whispering in their ear.

Similarly, people sometimes ask how they can develop their mediumship or other spiritual abilities. The best recommendation? Prayer and a routine of spiritual baths. After this particular recommendation one will often get a blank stare, or there will be an awkward pause, and then they ask: but is there a visualisation or an amulet or something?

No, just prayer and spiritual baths.

If the power and efficacy of these are not apparent to you yet, then you should try them as a practice and see what it does for your spiritual development. See what it does for your emotional well-being. Discover for yourself how it enhances your spiritual protection, and your clout as a magician. It is the african magical practice par excellence. There is a good reason for that.


  1. Spiritual bathing is indeed a practice, and it is one that I have incorporated into my own work. It's also one of my favorite practices. The bath I use most often is a simple one consisting of a tablespoon or two of salt, some laundry bluing, and a few drops of ammonia. I sometimes throw in a few drops of florida water as well (or maybe in place of ammonia).

  2. That's a good recipe Ocean. Though I tend to bathe in ammonia sparingly. I also like to dress with a lucky oil or powder after a bath containing ammonia to draw in the good again - because its said that ammonia will wash away both the good and the bad. Your mileage may vary of course.

    1. Agreed. The recipe I mentioned is always diluted in a whole pitcher of water, and I literally stick with maybe 3-4 drops of ammonia. :)

      I definitely use a condition product afterward, usually VanVan oil or something equally multipurpose.

  3. I can buy that. Then for your next post, describe the steps in taking a spiritual bath. Please. :-)

  4. Good suggestion Melissa. And considering how much time I spend in readings or after misas doing just that, it might be good to have a post to point people to in case they need to read a step-by-step example...

  5. thanx heer Balthazar, i am taking baths regularly since a few months, everytime i feel elevated after a bath, it works also like a shield. during the day i've taken a bath i feel more energetic and centered. The difference after a week not taken bath is huge, then i feel like i am in mud, and i feel heavyness round me, the more heavyness the more resistant i feel to take a bath, i forget it until the heavyness gets unbearable then i take a bath again and i feel inmediately clean and light. it requires devotion and discipline. but it is very rewarding.

  6. Well said Rayu! That has always been my experience too. The more muck the more resistance there is to the bath. And after the bath you feel centred and in balance again. Considering how effective they are its remarkable that this simple act requires such will power at times.

  7. Wonderful entry. Are you familiar with any spiritual or herbal baths associated with European folk traditions? I'm just curious. Thank you!

  8. I did read up on Spiritual baths, some need to be taken before sunset. In your opinion Balthazar, are these steps crucial? i.e. before sun up, disposing at a crossroads. Yes, please honor us with steps to a Spiritual bath.

  9. Yes I think it is essential to follow the steps of the bath as you received it. Those details of timing and so forth make up a good deal of what makes a bath rite powerful. By omitting details you find inconvenient you could be omitting the most essential part of the work, inadvertently. So my advice is always to follow instructions as close as you can. Sometimes there is a practical reason why that isn't possible, and then you do your best. Something is usually better than nothing.

  10. Thanks Balthazar, on another topic, and I feel bad asking this, as you are so fervently giving us your teachings, freely....will you ever do a thread on the Lenormand cards again. I know you did one a while ago when you were doing readings. I would love to see a thread on your key words for the cards, or how you read into them. I read something you wrote a while back on the Lily and how you sometimes saw it as a saint, or st joseph. Please illuminate us, with some of your thoughts on the Lenormand, I feel people would love to hear your thought.