Snuff out your enemy's tricks

One of the most helpful things about strengthening and building your spiritual framework is that your muertos - the blessed dead who guide and protect the spiritist - begin imparting some very useful information. Of course they bring spiritual power to any work the espiritista performs by empowering it as it is done but they also transmit altogether new workings to the medium. What's important to note here is that the workings that are received in this way are unusually potent because they are fresh - a direct expression of your very own spiritual framework's magical 'language' and tailored to your particular needs.

How that manifests in practice depends on the muerto in question. A gypsy spirit has a certain style of working, while a madama spirit has a somewhat different approach and temperament - just as a chinese or arabic spirit might have their own unique specialities. Each will step in as needed, guiding, nudging and correcting things as you work, based on their specialities. Often these works are surprisingly simple, or even strangely cryptic  - using everyday objects, gestures and ingredients that you might never have considered using in a spell before. Sometimes an irrepressible tune or song bursts out of your throat causing the air to vibrate with spiritual electricity. Yet, no matter how simple the gesture or mundane the object employed it's like a rocket has been lit under the work because it comes straight from the source.

Here is a deceptively simple little work I was given in this manner. It snuffs out pernicious negativity or spells flung at you. Although it's quick and requires a bare minimum of ingredients I've found it to be exceedingly effective.


Holy water
Candle (a short stub of candle is all that is needed)
Clear glass bowl, preferably with a flat bottom.

Open the Bible at the book of Psalms (randomly choosing a page in Psalms). Place the empty glass bowl atop the bible as pictured. Take the candle that you will be using for this work and proceed to spiritually 'clean' yourself with it by passing it all over your body from head to toe, praying as you do that any witchcraft, molochia or any other negativity be removed and transferred into the candle. Let that candle take it all up like a sponge.

Next, drip some hot wax (from another lit candle or tea-light) on the bottom of the bowl and while the wax is still soft, position the spiritually 'dirty' candle so that it will stand securely in the bowl, ready to be lit. Pour holy water into the bowl so that it's roughly an inch deep in water and the base of the candle is suitably submerged beneath the holy water.

Call on God, your ancestral spirits and spiritual guides to snuff out the tricks of your enemies like a flame snuffed out by water. Call them into the holy water. Light the candle and leave it to burn. The flame will eventually meet its demise in the water - dousing any nasty tricks and negativity along with it. 

Finally, peer through the clear glass bottom of the bowl to find a passage that jumps out at you. By means of bibliomancy you will now be able to divine more about this matter. 

Dispose of remains appropriately and then finish off with a spiritual bath to seal in the effect.


  1. So so true about fresh instructions being personal and potent.

    I was all prepared once to do a hot-footing on a neighbor with all the traditional powders and such. A spirit told me to stand in front of their house at night and play the song "Sinner Man" by Nina Simone while I stared at the house continuously.

    No prayer. No invocation. No powder. Just stare and listen, which in turn made me seethe with annoyance at them as I did.

    I did it just to see if it would work, planning on possibly following up with a proper hot footing the following week. In four days they announced that they were breaking their lease and moving out.

    I consider it an instruction for that time and that place and those people and do not know whether it would work generally. Thankfully, I do not have to do hot footing spells all that often! :-)

  2. I think I need to give this a try this month as part of my spiritual regimen.

  3. Simple adn beautiful as always, Balthazar. The quality of your work and advice is top-notch, sir.

  4. @Jason: great example Jason. That pretty much nails what I mean with this post.
    @Jow: Thanks!
    @Christopher: Let me know how it works for you!
    @Ali: Much appreciated, sir! :-)

  5. I did this last evening. I didn't have a small clear glass bowl, though. I didn't have any type of smallish glass bowl, so I used my long Pyrex dish instead. Thankfully, I had enough holy water on hand from recent trips to Santuaro de Chimayo to use. And the stub of candle I had was a bit largish as well. However, I snagged the Bible I've had since I was seven and opened it. Oddly enough, it opened right to the center of Psalms. I set it on my alter, placed the dish on top, centered the candle and secured it, filled it with holy water (just less than an inch I think), and lit the candle while saying my incantation to my ancestors, Spirit Guides, etc. Not long afterwards, though I was exhausted (and have lacked energy for quite some time), I ended up on a cleaning spree which culminated in a banishing and cleansing of my home. Once the candle flame met it's demise in the holy water, I read the passages underneath it; Psalm 52 was right under the candle, and wax flowed over to Psalm 54 and Psalm 55. Certain passages of each were most definitely highlighted; gave me the chills, though I'm not all that surprised.

    Very nice little spell. I'll be using this again. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with this little work Rose. The bibliomantic aspect of this little work had a similar effect on me! I am impressed by your ingenuity with using that pyrex dish. A true kitchen witch! I would be sure to wipe down that pyrex bowl with ammonia + holy water very thoroughly before using it to bake again btw. You don't want to 'eat' that stuff again.

  7. The candle is still burning, and I am about to go set up the bath to seal the deal, but I had just a potent experience just now. After I lit candle, I sat there silently and stilled my mind and I had the thought to pray the Lord's prayer 3 times. After I finished, I glanced down at the bible and the the word that popped out was "Sing" from the first verse of Psalm 96 ("O Sing unto the Lord a new song. Sing unto the Lord all the earth.") So I got quiet again, and soon a short hymn of praise arose out of me. When I finished a number of metaphysical energetic snaps rushed through my body and then a deep but energized calm filled me. kick ass!!!

  8. Wow, thanks for describing how this worked for you Brother Christopher. The experience with the "energetic snaps" sounds very familiar! Brilliant application of the bibliomantic aspect too.

  9. This was a great, clean and effective cleansing/shield. Simple and yet exudes much power. Great Work!