Workshop: Introduction to Hoodoo and magical candle-work

I've been invited to give a talk and workshop at Shamagika this coming Saturday. So if you're in town why not join us! It's going to a be a lot of fun.

Workshop: Introduction to Hoodoo and magical candle-work, with Balthazar

Famed for its ability to create potent results, hoodoo and rootwork have attracted an impressive reputation in practical magic. During this event we will be introduced to conjure with a brief historical and metaphysical overview of this vibrant system of African American folk-magic. The talk will be followed by hands-on workshop covering the basics of hoodoo candle work and the practice of setting lights. Spiritual candle work is one of hoodoo's most useful and basic tools; and when done correctly is highly effective in facilitating almost any magical outcome. 

We will learn how to cleanse and prepare our vigil light,  baptise it and then breathe life into it - thereby empowering it for the spell. We will then dress and 'fix' the candle correctly, using magical oils and powders.  We will also learn more about the subtle art of writing petition papers. Each participant will complete the workshop with a properly prepared and empowered vigil candle to take home to burn and thereby expedite the magical goal of their choice. 

Saturday, May 7 · 6:30pm - 10:00pm

Cost 40 Euros ~ Limited to 12 people so please book in advance.

You can reserve a space by sending a message to Yanu at Shamagika there are a few seats left, so don't miss out!


  1. Oh my God , i love this type of events , i hope you will have a very good experience with your audience . Roberto

  2. I know this event already happened, but the topic sounds really interesting. I know it's not the same as being there in person, but any suggestions on how to learn some of the same information that you taught in this workshop? Thanks.