Love me or DIE

A friend tipped me off to this fabulous track by C.W. Stoneking - it kinda reminds me of old blues filtered through Tom Waits. I could never stand more than a few minutes of Tom Waits, personally! C.W. Stoneking is a lot easier on the ear. I went ahead and bought the album.

The song is about the, now famous, 'love me or die' spell. Although this is a work that miss cat teaches, it isn't a spell I personally would make use of. It basically places a curse on the target, which causes them to slowly sicken unless they return to the lover and love them (or die). If they leave again they begin to waste away once more. The spell needs to be maintained to ensure the person stays alive, for the rest of their days.  Probably not something you want to throw at someone you really love these days... so I won't describe how you do it.

Makes for a fabulous, atmospheric song though!

Now, certain idealistic people might say that such a spell should never have been conceived at all - but probably this has to do the social and economic vulnerability of women and their dependancy on men to provide for their family back in the day. To a woman with children, a man running away with another woman might well have meant much more hardship than a simple broken heart. So it's good to see this kind of spell in its right historical context before making sweeping judgements about its morality.

Naturally, these days some women (and men) get desperate enough in love that they might actually try this spell anyway. Let me just say - sometimes its easier to throw a spell than it is to undo it.

Sometimes you have to lie in the bed you've made.... or more precisely someone else might have to lie in the bed you make for them.

A hospital bed.


Workshop: Introduction to Hoodoo and magical candle-work

I've been invited to give a talk and workshop at Shamagika this coming Saturday. So if you're in town why not join us! It's going to a be a lot of fun.

Workshop: Introduction to Hoodoo and magical candle-work, with Balthazar

Famed for its ability to create potent results, hoodoo and rootwork have attracted an impressive reputation in practical magic. During this event we will be introduced to conjure with a brief historical and metaphysical overview of this vibrant system of African American folk-magic. The talk will be followed by hands-on workshop covering the basics of hoodoo candle work and the practice of setting lights. Spiritual candle work is one of hoodoo's most useful and basic tools; and when done correctly is highly effective in facilitating almost any magical outcome. 

We will learn how to cleanse and prepare our vigil light,  baptise it and then breathe life into it - thereby empowering it for the spell. We will then dress and 'fix' the candle correctly, using magical oils and powders.  We will also learn more about the subtle art of writing petition papers. Each participant will complete the workshop with a properly prepared and empowered vigil candle to take home to burn and thereby expedite the magical goal of their choice. 

Saturday, May 7 · 6:30pm - 10:00pm

Cost 40 Euros ~ Limited to 12 people so please book in advance.

You can reserve a space by sending a message to Yanu at Shamagika there are a few seats left, so don't miss out!