Geomantic Dice. At last!!!!

How blisteringly awesome are these puppies!

I used to generate the four mothers used to calculate a geomantic chart using dried beans drawn randomly from a bag. Cattan mentions this method as being used by high-class prostitutes in Bologna to generate charts, which gave me a naughty giggle. I of course couldn't resist trying it myself.

This takes a long time however. I do so many charts every week that I caved and started using four colour coded six-sided dice, converting the odd and even numbers appropriately. I longed for special geomantic dice with dots and even considered making some but never got around to it.

The wait is over, it seems!

Some enterprising fellow from http://www.divinersdice.com posted about these on the Geomantic Campus forum and I am just gagging to give them a whirl. $25 gets you the set. $10 for a single.


divinersdice.com have got back to me and after a short delay, they have confirmed that they are open for business and taking orders. They temporarily have sold out of the sets of 4 colour coded dice, but still have the single dice available. Rest assured they will be manufacturing more of the sets and lucky for me they reserved one remaining set for me! Thanks divinersdice.com! :-)


The Art of Difficult Messages

There comes a time as a reader or as a medium when you need to give a difficult message. The way I read cards is rather point-blank in the sense that the systems I use tend to be pretty fixed interpretatively. In other words it isn't all that easy to embroider or obfuscate when something is being shown that is challenging. The same goes when receiving something from a spirit mediumstically - some spirits don't give up until it has been said, and said right.

So there comes a time that one has no choice but to give a hard message. As messengers throughout history have demonstrated this isn't all that easy. There is the inclination to try to please the client and certainly nothing quite as enjoyable as hearing a client wax-lyrical about your reading when it hit the spot for them. However, with certain difficult messages, especially messages that might dent the ego of the sitter, you can be pretty darn sure that the warm fuzzy glow won't be there at the end of the reading. In fact some people might get entirely huffy, or even outright argumentative. The ego does not like being exposed, mine included!

Then there is another variant to this problem; delivering what I like to call the "coded message". These often enough come directly from spirits through a medium but they can show up in a card reading too. The coded message is a message that seems to have a riddle-like quality, or the quality of being somewhat cryptic. The coded message acts like a spiritual time bomb. When the time is right it blooms in the consciousness of the client and with that comes that most potent outcome of any spiritual reading: personal revelation. A unique and profound insight transforms the client as the message aligns itself perfectly with a series of events that allow it to become decrypted in a luminous flash. A higher order of meaning comes out of this phenomenon - one quite impossible to deliver from mouth to ear.

Nonetheless, the coded message can leave the client a little confused and irritable. Everyone likes clarity after all. Delivering a coded message takes even more skill and confidence than giving a hard message because frequently the message is coded in such a way that it does not even make sense to the reader. Yet, the reader or medium knows it must be said. This can leave the reader feeling foolish as the client rolls their eyes and sighs in a critical puff. A way must be found to offer the coded message up in such a manner that it enters the mind of the client gently but firmly enough that when the time is ripe it can trigger revelation.

Therefore, when the client's back is up because what you said hit a nerve; or because you have given a seemingly cryptic message; or the reading has not proven to fit with their cozy expectations in some way, one comes to a critical juncture in the reading. Do you assert your point (and yourself), or do you back down? Either route can have troubling results if chosen poorly. If you press on tactlessly because your own ego is getting drawn into the fray you risk the danger of projecting something the client is unready for and therefore  potentially harmful. Readers do make mistakes, even if they don't like to admit it. Conversely, if you cede in an effort to pacify them you run the risk of not impressing upon the client the true and very vital message they were supposed to receive. The very reason they were brought before you.

Sometimes you have to take that leap of faith. You need to be firm and run the risk of pissing off the client if your experience and ability confirms that a message indeed should be heard. This isn't easy. The client will often enough get ornery and the session might end with some tension in the air, or worse with an unhappy customer.

But the fact is that a happy customer is not necessarily a well served one.

Eventually you have to stand your ground, with as much sensitivity and compassion as you can muster. There comes a time to blunt. If you choose that time well, what will happen is that in due course the client will return having seen the outcome of your message, and thereby been softened up by the fates so to speak. They will be more willing to listen with an open mind next time; and they will respect and appreciate your firmness as coming out of deeper sense of concern for them.

Our responsibility as readers then is to refine our communication skills as much as we can, and to listen to our clients and deliver that difficult but crucial message with as much tact and intelligence as possible.

It might just be the message that changes their life.


The Sorcerous Egg

This Easter I would like you to consider the egg in a different light.

Eggs are some of the most useful items at our disposal as spiritual workers, and there are just so many practical things you can do with them that any fledgling worker will be rewarded greatly by spending some time investigating the various spiritual uses of the egg. Because eggs are made of animal matter they have some very special resonant properties with us as human beings and short of using live animals there are few things that are both as accessible and spiritually absorbent as the ordinary egg. It can be used to cleanse; or as a sympathetic representation of a person, and as such it can also be used as a kind of spiritual 'decoy', among other things. Additionally, eggs can be read after they have been used to cleanse which makes for a useful divination method in that context. As a means of deploying spellwork an egg can be 'fixed' and then hidden near the target to bring into effect its intended purpose. Once emptied out carefully, an egg's shell can also be used as a container spell.

I am all about finding ways of working that are powerful but remain straightforward and accessible, which the the humble egg most certainly is.

Reversing spell and sending it back with a bang:

Here is a nice little trick that was shown to me recently for when someone has decided to burn black candles on your name, or has otherwise thrown bad juju at you in some fashion.

1 egg
Bottle of dark vinegar
Black marker
Heat source

I bet it's less messy if you do this outdoors on a barbecue or something but I did it indoors on the gas stove and it worked just fine. Granted, I had to clean up afterward. Totally worth it.

First take the egg and cleanse yourself with it, praying that the bad work be taken from you. In other words, wipe yourself down carefully so as to ensure you don't break the egg. It kind of feels like you are taking an eraser and erasing black charcoal off of your energy field. When you are done take the marker and write your enemy's name on the egg. If you don't know the name of the person you can write "the evil one", or "all enemies known and unknown". Baptise the egg for them.

Next, put it in the pot and fill the pot with vinegar untill the egg is mostly covered, praying that their plans turn against them and go sour. Tell your enemies that things are about to get hot for them. Psalm 70 is also a good accompaniment for the boiling. If you like you can season the egg with some reversing powder, though not strictly necessary. Set the pot to to boil on HIGH and then leave it to boil till the vinegar has boiled off and the egg is left baking on the dry surface. Then leave it like this and back away, making sure to remove children, pets and spouses.

After roughly 25-45 minutes the egg will go black and then explode with a tremendous, and somewhat startling blast!

Problem solved.


Androcentric Spirit Yoga

Spirit-work, to my way of thinking, could be described as a mystical world-view based, in part, in the spiritist perspective as the doctrine relates to discarnate forms of intelligence and their influence on the living; but more importantly, it can also be looked at as a kind of dynamic animism. Which is to say; the notion that our physical world, our universe and its contents are animated; alive, intelligent and willing - heck eager - to relate to us.

That this world of ours isn't a cold lump of dead stuff or some kind of entropic chemical stew. Rather, that there is a vital spiritual intelligence behind the things around us and that these intelligences can be contacted; relationships formed and thereby we are able to move into profound relationship with our world itself.

This very world. The trees, mountains, rocks and rivers, sure - but also seemingly pedestrian things such as a door, a road, a candle, some dirt. Similarly, discarnate forms of human life, instead of being seen as having gone elsewhere (if anywhere at all), are embraced as having a continued and vital role to play in our story. This point of view is androcentric rather than transcendent in that it is intimately intertwined with the condition of our present life, community and of the world. Its a healthy eschatology that expects a vibrant participation in fabric of life by the forces of death - rather than death being the dualistic cancellation thereof.

At first spirit work seems to relate itself to a practical magical agenda. Oriented to improving our life in some pragmatic material way, or alternatively, as a means of extracting an iota of meaning from our lives as society seems increasingly mechanistic; lost in the the stupor of entertainment, production and consumerism. But with amazement we discover as we move deeper into the dance with the spirits, that while at first it seems we work the spirits, later, it becomes quite clear that in fact it is the spirits who are working us.

We try so very hard to do the work. Great effort might go into changing our state of consciousness in order to hear the spirits; or we strain to learn the methods and devices to call them successfully; we effort to make sense of what they mean when they speak - only to discover that they change our consciousness before we can, that they come before we even call them, that they teach us without us ever even knowing.

We are the ones getting evoked. Inexorably sucked into the slipstream of the numinous.

We find ourselves changing without knowing why, without daring to guess how we could have changed, and in ways we could never have accomplished had we tried to do so ourselves. We discover that we are held, guided and then shaken - at times utterly destroyed - and then remade anew.

This wasn't the project of self-perfection by design. We were never tormenting ourselves with stick-and-carrot game of enlightenment. Yet things became increasingly perfect, even when messy. We noticed ourselves filled with more light every day.

Finally, we begin to recognise we are are in fact deeply, deeply blessed and that we can share that blessedness with others; and that we can be whole and well again in the simplest, yet most profound way.



Goddess Procession Amsterdam 2011

The Dutch tend to be rather pragmatic secular folks, not all that much taken with anything religious or occult - very generally speaking of course - so it's pretty cool when this kind of thing happens in Amsterdam. My friend Zia is involved in the organisation of the Goddess Procession and I wanted to show my support for the neo-pagan community here in the Netherlands and spread the word about this year's march. It looks like great fun too! Word is our padrino might even send along a representation of Yemaya for the procession. Neat.