Strategic Sorcery blog vanishes (and reappears)

A rather worrying announcement from Jason Miller over at Strategic Sorcery follows. It really freaks me out to hear this can happen on blogger...

Dear Readers of Strategic Sorcery,
As most of you know, Strategic Sorcery mysteriously disappeared on the evening of Wednesday, January 19th. The blog was not locked or cancelled by blogger intentionally, nor does it appear to be a deliberate hack. It is a glitch that is effecting about 50 other blogs.
Strategic Sorcery will now be hosted at my own website. 
The new address is http://www.inominandum.com/blog/
Please take a moment and update your links and follow me at the new site.
A big thanks go out to the owner of this blog for helping me get the message out.  Thank you readers who have written in concerned about the situation. I am awed and gladdened by your support.
Thank you,
Jason Miller (Inominandum)


  1. Yea, I had hard copies of most of my articles already, but last night I went through and copy-pasted all of them onto my hard drive.

    Yesterday Kenaz Filan's blog also disappeared, too.

    If 2 blogs on my blogroll went down, then I just can't take the risk of having mine disappear too. I'm in the same boat with Jason in that my blog acts as a major source of advertising for me. I guess I will need to explore alternative options now, as well.