Aah, Sweet Success!

I got this great feedback from a dear client and friend who carefully put together and worked with my sweet success jar. The sweet success jar is one of the most, er, successful spells that I have put together for myself. What's cool about it is that because it is a jar you have to keep working it regularly, and as anyone that does a lot of practical magic will tell you - money magic needs to be maintained rather than fired off sporadically in a panic when things get dire financially. I am totally jazzed to hear that someone else had such excellent results!

Here is what she had to say about it:

I wanted to update you on my results with your sweet success jar. When I first put it together I was bringing in $400-700 a month in income, which was just enough to cover my student loan payments and a portion of my business expenses. Now, just a few months later, I am bringing in $1200-$1600 a month! So that's obviously a huge jump. I am completely supporting myself as far as discretionary personal expenses, paying my monthly student loans, covering my business expenses, and able to put some money towards investing in myself through classes. This has taken a stress off of my husband, who even though he earns a fantastic salary still freaks out over every dollar that leaves the house - LOL. He's quit riding me about money, and even when I carry a balance on my credit card from one month to the next, he no longer worries about it, because he knows it will be paid off within a few weeks. Barring any unforseen setbacks, I will be able to travel internationally to participate in a spiritual convention that I have been hoping to attend.

Working the jar is actually one of the highlights of my day! I wake up, go to my prosperity altar, greet my spirits, light some  incense, dress and light a tealight. That's it...and it WORKS. If I need some extra cash to pay for something, I dress a candle and set it working on the jar, light some incense, and then ring a bell over the altar while calling to my spirits to bring in that amount. I kid you not, since adding that jar to prosperity altar, I will have the amount I asked for within 48 hours!! This has happened on multiple occassions. My jar sits on a plate with pyrite and my 6lbs lodestone (fed weekly with whiskey), underneath which sits my financial goals...and since the jar has taken up residence there, things have just been amazing.

SO, thank you so so much for sharing that work, and for trusting with the extra secret bit to make it really powerful. :) - Mrs. M


  1. Balthazar, thank you so much for this fantastic free ritual you've given everyone. It's so kind of you.

    With regards to the magnetic sand, I went to purchase some and I found that there was a number of types to choose from. There was Natural, Silver and Gold. Which do you think I should use? I was thinking Gold would suit the purpose well. Any suggestions?

  2. Hey Phoenix, my pleasure. I have never used gold or silver sand but it sounds fabulous! Go for it - I would use gold, in this case.

    Incidentally, someone else left a comment that I approved and blogger ate it - I didn't read who it was from. I am sorry. If you leave another I will see if we can get it through again, blogger has been driving me crazy - what with vanishing blogs and all these glitches. Jason is right. You get what you pay for.

  3. Hi, it's me again! I'm a little worried. Sometimes my business requires me to travel far away for ten days or so at a time. So during that time, when I get my altar set up, I won't be able to actually pray over my alter. And these travels require me to still make money.
    What do you recommend or suggest?
    Sorry for the questions.

  4. Phoenix a ten day gap shouldn't be a problem. Just heat up the work before you go and then once again when you return.