Most Powerful Tools the Arte

Without a doubt my most potent and often used tools. 
  1. The dropper, for oil. 
  2. The engraver, for inscribing candles, fixing vigils, moulding wax doll-babies.
  3. Thread, for everything... (wrapping, sewing, tying).
I can work without any tools if need be, but damn, these three are so handy...


  1. Thanks for a roflol moment. :D

    BTW dude. beer time. week after next?

  2. Hey! Glad I brought some levity to your day! RE Beer: you bet! Will send you a mail to arrange...

  3. I like your engraver, it's purdies. I just have a simple hat pin, but it works well for me.

  4. Isn't it just purdie!? Its great for punching holes in vigils, carving candles, modelling wax - very comfortable to hold. You should check out your art supplies store they have them in the print-making section.