The Mojo of Jesus

Attracted by the colour of hoodoo, people seem to make a beeline for the saints. Saints are accessible and much of that has to do with exquisite iconography that is so readily available for them. People make spiritual choices based on aesthetic criteria all the time and I think this is one of the reasons the saints have such magnetic charm - their images are visually very evocative. Additionally, when faced with the Christian framework of these New World paths; people with occult leanings, I think, find the saints to be an easy doorway to access these traditions without having to face up to the broader Christian underpinnings.

In terms of hoodoo; historically, the inclusion of saints was really very tiny and mostly limited to a select few geographic regions; not surprisingly these regions were more densely populated by practising catholics. For the most part hoodoo is a Protestant tradition - you wouldn't think so when you look around online! I know I for one am fond of talking about the saints.

However, if you want light a rocket under your rootwork and give it some real spiritual clout - even when petitioning the aid of saints - you have to square it up with the big JC. That's right. Nobody delivers the goods like the King of Kings. If you want to make mince meat of any obstacle, manifest any goal, overcome any enemy then the Lamb of God is an unstoppable, indomitable, inexhaustible treasure house of spiritual force. Can I have an Amen?

I invite you to discover the power of the magical Jesus. In fact I dare you.
Jesus the greatest conjure man ever to walk the earth.
Jesus the master of miracles.
Jesus the magician.

I was taught a powerful trick by Momma Starr: take a picture of Jesus and put it under anything you are working on, whether it be a jar, candle - whatever. Put that picture there and see what happens! Just the image of Christ is so potent that I have found by adding this simple element the speed and efficacy of a spell is radically boosted.

This is the true beauty of hoodoo as a spiritual path; you get to discover Jesus in a whole new way. I'm not talking about the Sunday school version.

His Spirit and power will reveal Itself to you and ooze down into your work, your mind and your spell-craft and blow open your mind to a whole new dimension of Christ and what he means on the most secret inner levels. He can reveal Himself to be something completely different; something magical,  extraordinary and entirely unorthodox.

Become a truly antinomian magician.

In fact, I would say that if the idea makes feel squeamish then it might be especially useful for you to work with Jesus directly. Go to that uncomfortable place, expose it and see what happens. If you are a Neo Pagan and you are about to unfollow from my blog, then I would like to point out that the early Hermetic magicians would invoke the power of Christ right along with Abraham, Hermes and Anubis - all in one the same conjuration! They didn't have Jesus issues because they knew a powerful Divine name to conjure by when they saw one. And they weren't afraid to call it out, either.

If you are a would-be hoodoo then you gotta get you mind and your heart wrapped around the role of Jesus in this tradition. He cannot be deleted from hoodoo - anymore than the Lwa can be from vodou. So why not look Him in the eye and see what He has to say about your juju? Why not call on His power for you next candle working? I am willing to bet my last penny that you will be very, very surprised by what you find.

Earlier this week I was working on a new client's case. It's a story that really touched me, a grave injustice and tragedy had befallen this family. I was busy preparing a lamp for the case and as I was putting it all together I felt the Spirit move around me so I stopped and I began praying; at first quietly but as the intensity of my words began building I felt  this sudden wave of force come down and I switched over into Tongues - ordinary words no longer being adequate for what was being expressed - an urgent primal call swept through me. Suddenly I had a vivid spiritual encounter:

I see Jesus ablaze in golden light. A network of stars; constellations knitting together his body and robe. Woven throughout this is an exquisite chain of sigils, symbols and divine names cycling eternally throughout His luminous form. And in that moment He seems utterly alien to me - cosmic and inexplicable. Ineffable. Magical. Timeless. Breathless and startled I discover my body becoming filled with a gentle surge of peace and heat. It extends everywhere, into the lamp, the walls, floor, ceiling - everywhere. 

I sat quietly like that for a few minutes, dazzled, and then eventually pulled myself together and lit the lamp...

Now, I am not saying you go all bat-shit 'hallelujah' crazy, waving your bible around. This isn't about religion. I am simply inviting you to discover what is probably the most powerful magical secret held within this tradition, hidden in plain view.

The "Lord is my Shepherd, I Shall Not Want" Mojo Bag:

A holy card of Christ the Shepherd (any picture of Jesus will work)
Three coins
A magnet/lodestone (I prefer magnets)
High John the Conquer root
Master root
23 Psalm printed out
Red thread
Pine resin
Magnetic Sand
A Picture of yourself
I Shall Not Want oil

A red flannel bag.
A vigil light adorned with picture of Jesus Christ.

Inspired by the beauty of Psalm 23 I formulated the "I shall not want" bag as a perpetual abundance mojo. It calls on the Divine promise issued in Psalm 23, and Christ the Shepherd for its power.

On the back of the psalm you should declare all areas in which you shall no longer want in your life; money, love, career, friendships, knowledge, peace of mind etc. Then cover and cross it with your name seven times. Seven is the number of Christ but it's also the number of victory. Dress it with I shall Not Want Oil in the quincunx pattern. Fold this up towards you and wrap it around the Master root, then wind it up with red thread praying: the LORD is my Shepherd I shall not want. Tie it off.

Take the picture of Christ the Shepherd and place upon it your pic, so that you are being held by Jesus. On that put the magnet/lodestone and feed it magnetic sand and I Shall Not Want oil. On the magnet place the three coins. I use these little Chinese lucky coins that I bought in bulk because I send bags all over the world and I like to use a universal symbol for money. Also, they are really pretty!

Next, fold the holy card around all of this to form a packet and tie it in with thread to keep it together.

Take every single ingredient, one at a time, and pray the 23rd psalm over it - declaring at the end of the psalm once again the areas in which you shall no longer want:

The LORD is my Shepherd I shall not want for money.
The LORD is my Shepherd I shall not want for friendship.
The LORD is my Shepherd I shall not want for safety.

Place them in the bag as you do this and then finally breathe life into the bag and tie it off. Feed it some oil and whiskey and place it in under an over-turned bowl so that you can burn a the vigil over it. Dress and fix the vigil - light it and let it burn over the bag. Take the bag in your hands daily and pray Psalm 23 over it, feeding it oil and breath each time you do. When the vigil has done burning the bag should be rocking and ready to go!


  1. *I will follow him, follow him wherever he may goooo* *(Whoppie Goldberg, sister act...)

    Amen and good stuff!

    There is more to The various Christs and Jesuses then the crucified one. Way to go to highlight this.

    Magicians use everything they get their hands on that has power that can be tapped into. :)

    Re esthetics, one of my students found an artbook by a mexican artist fileld with emotive catholic and semi-magico imagery that has kickstarted his development mroe then he as advanced for years. he seems to have finally found his esthetic niche, which is just as important as the intellectual aspect.

  2. This. Is. Wonderful.

    Me and JC have been slowly coming back around in the last year or so. Further cemented by the recent trip to Florence and in particular to Fra Angelico's monastery.

    And now I'm reading Christian theologians and am about to start on St Augustine. (I have a picture of him on my wall but I haven't read anything of his yet. Seems rude.)

    It's genuinely not a thing I ever, ever expected to happen. But I agree with your analysis: He's possibly broadly undervalued in the contemporary magical world.

    Oh and using the image of Jesus is something I'm now going to do. Which is handy, really. You've just found a really great use for all these extremely Catholic souvenirs I felt compelled to buy in Italy. So cheers for that! :)

  3. "If you are a Neo Pagan and you are about to unfollow from my blog,"

    I found that immensely hilarious

    What a wonderful mojo and application. I have recently been reading a translation of the Greek Magical Papyri, and yeah, they do call on everything and their mother, and even use jewish words to do it! (because even back then hebrew was a magical language)

    a friend of mine, who recently changed his name (because he became a US citizen) is telling me I should follow suite and change my name. He recommended Christ. Which would just be a nickname based upon my full name.

    When I was younger I would often contemplate my name and it's meaning (Christ-bringer) and what all that meant. I totally see what a wonderful and powerful thing it is, and really appreciate your advocation of it.

  4. Absolutely Excellent, Frater!

    Yeshua is at the center of my magical life, which would have seemed absolutely bizarre to me even 5 years ago. You are 100% right in talking about the difference between the Magus Yeshua, and the be-roded and bearded Jesus that is worshiped exoterically...

    He is incredible in his power, and the lore that is available for those with eyes to see is extensive.

    This mojo bag...awesome. Your conjure knowledge and innovation continually amaze me! Still waiting for that book on Lamp-magic.... ;-)

  5. Amen Brother Balthazar! This is a fantastic article and a beautiful work on conjure.

    I went through nearly a decade of not using Christian imagery in my path as I struggled to deprogram myself from the negative experiences I had and people I was surrounded with growing up in an evangelical fundamentalist church. Interestingly, whenever I was psychically attacked on the astral, I instinctively called upon the name of Jesus...and BOY did that work. So even though I went out of my way to avoid Christian symbols and practice for a long while, and yet the name of Jesus was my "big guns" for protection and defense.

    Now, as my practice has broadened and come back around the include many magical aspects of Christianity, I find myself back on my knees inviting his presence back into my life. Let me tell you, when I started getting deeper into rootwork and embracing it's Christian framework and started calling on Jesus' name in my work, things got reeeeaaaally interesting and effective!

    I often find myself suggesting that people who have rejected Christianity, and who want to practice conjure take some time to research other more mystical and esoteric streams of the faith. It can really help shift perspectives and heal some of the wounds that the flawed Christian organization has left on so many people. I know it really helped me make peace and decide to not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    I love Momma Starr's advice of simply placing a picture of Jesus under works to further empower it! I will be trying that. ;)

  6. Whoa! Incredibly powerful stuff. Okay, so I know where to obtain the oil (wink), but even my local shops don't have all the other ingredients and I would really like to do this, like yesterday. Any advice on where to obtain chunks of pine resin, etc, and fast?

    Fantastic post. Thank you!

  7. Well pine resin you can of course always get from a pine tree! ;0) The resins should be easy to find at a catholic supply store- the roots however not so much...I suspect ordering stuff online might be the best way to go, Rose.

  8. As someone, with a Christian upbringing, who left the church and looks at christianity as filled with lies and such, you have intrigued me to look more closely at my childhood faith.
    Thank you.

  9. *slaps forehead* With all the pine trees around here, you'd think I'd figure out the pine resin. My mind is on other things, however. I'll have to search the internet, me thinks. Thank you muchly, Balthazar!

  10. Dude... for Ex-Catholic like me this was interesting! Talk about Hoodoo Jesus Mojo Power! hehe! Yeah from what I've heard Psalm 23 is a powerful prayer.

    @Devi Spring
    Interesting share!
    "Jesus was my "big guns" for protection and defense." hehe! me too! :D

  11. What a great post, and a great mojo! Thank you for sharing this.

  12. Great post! As a lifelong witch,I had to be a closet "Jesus lover".
    Going deeper into both hoodoo & New Orleans Voodoo brought relief & validation.

  13. Darl'in this is a wonderful post and it makes my heart sing. I hope you know how very dear you are to me! Keep up the good work you are so very gifted for it. A big hugz to you. Starr

  14. I know this is thread necromancy by this point, but are you still selling the I Shall Not Want oil? I have an idea on how I could make my own, but I wanted to see if you were still selling it first.

  15. @Unlikely Mage: I discontinued my oil range a while ago due to near-criminal hikes in shipping the dutch postal system sprang on us earlier last year. There is good news however! I am bringing back my line soon because a new more affordable service (albeit privatized) has been launched which caters to small companies like myself. If you send me an e-mail I'll notify you as soon as I have a new batch of this condition oil ready.