Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly: Fall 2010!

How cool is this! Check out the Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly. Its a new journal for rootworkers and eclectic practitioners of the magical arts with a special focus on New Orleans Voodoo, Hoodoo and folklore! 

Another neat thing is that it includes a feature length piece by yours truly! If you found my Venus "Love-Tub" Lamp post tickled your fancy, you might like to check out the Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly because it gives that working in full detail; including all the herbal ingredients and planetary conjurations along with theoretical underpinnings - offering detailed instructions for performing the spell yourself.

More than that the journal includes workings, articles and reviews by a whole team of skilled practitioners. I am happy to say I have been invited to become a regular contributor and I am thrilled to be writing for such an exciting publication.

From the press-release statement:

Recognizing the resurgence of folk magic and the growing community of hoodoos, healers, and conjurers, Planet Voodoo (www.planetvoodoo.com) has created a new, high quality journal that meets the needs of today’s conjurers and the curious. Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly journal shares historical and contemporary information about aspects of the conjure arts, including magico-religious practices, spiritual traditions, folk magic, hoodoo, and religions with their roots in the African Diaspora and indigenous herbology. Each issue of Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly magazine brings you original and traditional formulas, spells, tutorials, root doctor, spiritual mother, and conjure artist profiles, workshop listings, book, product, & website reviews, and more!
Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly is a thoroughly researched periodical created by New Orleans-born author, artist, rootworker, and PhD level social scientist Denise Alvarado and her business partner Sharon Marino, and New Orleans style Voodooist, eclectic witch, and Wiccan High priestess. When you read a copy of Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly, you can be confident that what you read is the real thing. Whether you are a beginner who is just intrigued by the notion of folk magic, want to pick up some techniques for your trick bag, add to your personal grimoire, want to learn about the African -derived and indigenous spiritual traditions, or want to keep up with the social world of today’s practitioners, Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly delivers!

The content of Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly comes from a variety of channels. There is a veritable hoodoo admixture of contributors that includes several notable authors, as well as “regular folks” from the hoodoo and conjure community. The intentional input of professionals and experienced lay people involved in varying degrees in the magickal arts guarantees the reader receives multiple perspectives, a broader base of information, and cross-cultural and cross-regional views of occult phenomenon. Our contributors include Aylene Pustiano, New Orleans author, occultist and paranormal researcher who specializes in New Orleans folklore; Dorothy Morrison, a practicing Witch for nearly 40 years, and award-winning author of numerous books on Witchcraft and its practical application to everyday living; Chad C. Balthazar, a gifted reader and rootworker, avid blogger, current resident of Amsterdam who was born and raised in Africa, and descendant of a line of mediums, dreamers and madmen; Madrina Angelique, Tarot Reader, Conjure Woman and Mojo Witch, as well as Madre Nganga of Munanso Centella Ndoki Nkuyo Malongo Corta Lima Cordosa and Iyalorisha of Ile Ori Yemaya, born and raised in rural Georgia, and student and practitioner of traditional southern hoodoo since childhood; Papa Curtis, a gifted intuitive trained in the arts of traditional Rootwork, Hoodoo, and Dowsing; and Matthew Venus, a rootworker and eclectic magician who has been practicing, studying and teaching the magical arts for the past twenty years; as well as Sharon and myself, of course.

So don't miss out and get your copy!


  1. This is ridiculously awesome-thanks Brother!

  2. Sounds awesome! Great work. I look foward to reading a copy

  3. How awesome is this! To be honest, I'd buy it just from seeing the title and cover, but articles and an endorsement from you seals the deal. Can't wait!

  4. Hearty congratulations! Well deserved acclaim.