Divination, divination, divination

The value and power of accurate divination when doing spellwork professionally has been on my mind a lot lately. Firstly, when a client comes for a consultation and you are able hit the nail on the head with your reading, or even perhaps pull out a few secrets or little facts that only they could have possibly known; this goes a long way to establishing confidence and trust in your abilities and in the work itself. Which in turn helps create good rapport between the worker and client.

You could be the most fabulously powerful magician in the world but if you can't read adequately then you are flying blind. Secondly, you really do need to know what the shape of the situation is so you don't take on work that you are unable to successfully conclude or handle. Naturally, nobody is able resolve every single job successfully but you want to be able to assess carefully what is and is not possible in any case and be sure to build your work on top of that - flowing with the pattern of events rather than against them.

Then there is the matter of the client themselves - you might be able to do the job successfully, but even so some clients might prove very difficult to work with. I find it is good to be forewarned so I know how to handle a client appropriately.

Then finally, divination is really powerful for guiding any decisions regarding what kind of work would be most suited to any case. This is either by deduction, looking at the reading as a whole, or more specifically by doing extra divination to see what kind of work should be done; how long for; ingredients employed, as well as for decisions regarding which saints, spirits and so forth you might want to work with. You know that old saw: genius is 1% inspiration 99% perspiration? Well, sometimes I feel like one could say: rootwork is 1% conjuration 99% divination!

The ratio is probably a little exaggerated there, but you get the point...

If you divine accurately, you are able  see the important connections, relationships and forces at play in any given situation - and with the blessing of the Divine sometimes all that is needed is a gentle magical push or pull in exactly the right place; creating a cascading domino effect, leading to the perfect outcome.

It doesn't always work that way but with a bit of practice, good divination can certainly help make this kind of thing happen more frequently.


  1. Excellent article! Any work for a client should begin with a divination, IMHO. Divination is the perfect tool for determining what the client needs - which is frequently very different from what they (think they) want.

  2. Oh sure, I am with you there Kenaz. It's not always so easy to make them see that - but sure is the truth.

  3. Yes! It consistently suprises that people don't cultivate divination skills more than they do or use them if they have them.

    It's one of my most important skills.

  4. Please what is this set of Tarot Cards?

  5. Those are not tarot card. They are the Lenormand oracle - sometimes called gypsy cards.