Winning with Green Fast Luck

Got this awesome bit of feedback about winning at gambling using my Green Fast Luck formula from a dear client of mine:

"I didn't expect to play today cos the table was full. I decided to play a little blackjack for fun and lost initially. I refrained from using the Green Fast Luck for gambling cos its unstable luck, waiting till I combine it with some Money Stay with Me oil. Didn't have a choice but to use it, and I ended up winning!

One of the guys commented. You're running hotter than the sun! That's a great start B. Can't wait to reap the full benefits when your good work is complete my genius conjurer :)" 

I'm like totally jazzed! I would almost give the stuff away for free - just to hear this kind of story! Almost... ;)
Testimonials aside, this brings up an important distinction about Fast Luck formulas that I would like to clarify. Green Fast Luck is designed to bring lucky money, fast. However, these kinds of formulas give what can described as an unstable luck. When my client heard about that part it made her a little nervous, like it might backfire on her in some way. This is not the case, what is meant by 'unstable luck' is very simply that you will experience a sharp burst of short term luck rather than a lower intensity but sustained form of luck.
For instance, you use the oil in some money work and as you walk down the street and you find a hundred dollars lying on the pavement - wow lucky money! This is quite different to walking down the street and getting offered a job that pays hundred dollars an hour - which is unlikely with Green Fast Luck. Do you see the difference? The latter thing is a long term luck and the former is quick lucky flash - green fast luck.

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