The Venus Love-Tub Lamp

Sometimes it's kinda hard having a conjure blog. I constantly have to resist blabbing out personal tricks and techniques on this here blog thingy. Being at least a little secretive about what you do is an important part of the tradition, but sometimes the joy of blogging overcomes the need to keep tricks up my sleeve (like today). And after the discussion about lamp work on MyHoodooSpace yesterday I thought it seemed all the more relevant.

I devised this lamp for a love reconciliation case. What's more -  it wasn't pure hoodoo. For some reason I got all *cough* eclectic and mixed up doll-babies; astrological timing; renaissance conjurations - along with an an afro-caribbean style lamp that employs hoodoo herbal symbolism.

I  know, I am all 'traditional' this, 'traditional' that - and then when left alone in my conjure room for five minutes I turn into a magical hypocrite...

It just felt SO good :)

The work was wrought on the day and hour of Venus; sculpting two beeswax doll-babies filled with appropriate goodies and then baptised with holy water. My latest obsession is to write petitions on dried bay leaves.

Next I take three pieces of cotton bandage and I braid the wicking as I pray.  I then pin the bay-petition to the wick with pink topped dressmakers pin. I thread the wicking through the tinfoil platform. The secret to creating a good lamp is the wicking; it needs to be thick enough to draw up enough oil and stay burning brightly but not so thick that it blazes too brightly and empties out the well every three hours.

I tie the doll-babies together so that they are embracing, whilst praying my petition, then I place them on a bed of controlling and compelling roots along with a generous portion of libido and love enhancing herbs. Like so...

I drench the doll-babies with syrup, I add vegetable oil, along with the appropriate condition oils, making sure to saturate the wick. Don't those doll-babies look like they are cuddling in a hoodoo hot-tub?

Finally, I draw the seal of Venus on the ground with blessed chalk along with sigils for the planetary spirit and intelligence of Venus. I place the lamp atop this - and intoning conjurations from the Heptameron I invoke the appropriate planetary agencies as I light the lamp, making sure to include my petition and an offering of appropriate Venus-attributed incense. I refill the lamp with oil every day in the hour of Venus repeating the conjurations, along with incense offering and petition as I do each time. I also add different herbs to the lamp as the job progresses - to sweeten, heat or otherwise manipulate the situation as the case may need.

Day 1: Client texts target. Target at first does not respond at all and then eventually responds with cold and disinterested attitude.

Day 5: Target's phone makes a 'phantom' call to client. Client sees missed call, excited, phones ex to hear what the call was about. Ex denies having called, something weird is going on with the phone. Client and ex both confused - they chat a little. 

Day 14: Receives early AM message begging client to come out. Client in shock and disbelief - so much so that she turns down the invite! Rootworker wants to strangle client when he hears this.

Day 16: Ex contacts client at more sensible hour hoping to see client again. Client agrees. Much fun had, sexy time etc. Happiness all round.

They all lived happily ever after. 


  1. Wow, well at least when you go all eclectic, you do it right. Lol'd hard at "Rootworker wants to strangle client when he hears this."

  2. Dude, you used Heptameron with positive results, good work! I always have issues when I do Heptameron stuff. Which is annoying because it's like the root grimoire for so many others that I DON'T have problems with.

    I especially like that you listed the process of manifestation too. Shows how long it takes. 2 weeks is pretty standard for angel magic, in my experience.

  3. Love that Love Tub! That was some sexy and powerful conjure you worked and it definitely shows through in those great pics.

    I'm really looking forward to getting those floating wicks so that I start working with those types of lamps.

    Now...off to start putting together my supplies for that business bottle spell that you posted a few weeks ago. I'm bound and determined to get enough expendable income to attend that Traditional Folk Magic Festival in NOLA!

  4. I'll preface this by saying that I don't have "clients" per se, since I haven't ever charged for magic, and don't foresee being good enough to in the near future.

    But I do work for people or groups to support things from the shadows (as you can see if you read my blog). It was almost a relief to read that you had some serious frustration with the behavior of a client. I've experienced on more than one occasion that I've thought out a good spell, performed all or part of the steps, begin to see things beginning to happen, and then the people involved in the situation change their minds and shift their goals or tactics. I wanna tear my hair out! People don't understand how much effort you've gone to and that doing any kind of magic entails risks. But they just blithely change their minds and decide what they really HAD TO HAVE HAPPEN isn't that important to them now. Arrrrrgghhh!

    I've gotten more careful about identifying whether a magical goal is worth pursuing.

  5. I just love this! And you know, I wouldn't call this mixing and matching, I'd call this smart and consistent working. You have a set goal and go about acheiving it by following a straight arrow line of reasoning and inuition while respecting the traditions you work with. You aren't simply picking and choosing, you are doing homage to each tradition.

    I absolutely love that you worked with the Heptameron. It is one of my favorite grimoires and the one I worked with extensively before I got into the Grimoire Verum.

    Every element of this working demonstrates strong grasp of the traditions you work with and straight up powerful conjure. Tying the petition to the wick, writing the petition on the herb involved, including dollies in a container-esque spell. Just brilliant.

    Top notch work, Balthazar, from a top notch rootworker and conjurer.

  6. Excellent, inspiring work! You're pretty much the only Conjurer I know that's innovating with lamp work. So. When does the book or course come out? =)
    Please tell that you have an apprentice or two, at the very least!

  7. Hey, would Tiki torch wicks work as well? I have a lot of those laying around in the garage.

  8. Why thank you all for the kind words!

    @Devi, great to hear you will give that one a whirl - sending you a mail shortly with a little more intel on that ;-)
    @Scribbler, tell me about it dude! Half the job, it seems, is coaching people not ruin the results with antics. Especially once they SEE results they can get really silly, because then they feel they have a magic bullet.
    @Rufus, I've not tried tiki torch wicks yet, but I suspect that they would not work due to being too tightly woven. Typically those torches burn with lamp oil which has a much lower flash point. This kind of 'open-well' lamp always should use vegetable oil and therefore less tightly woven wicking which can draw the oil up more easily.
    @Frater AIT, I have been thinking about writing a lamp-magic e-book, but I have a couple of writing projects on the go right now so its kinda far down on the list... hmmm

  9. hoodoo. hot tub. love it.

  10. Word. If you wrote an e-book I'd totally buy that shit. You're style of magick is nothing short of very damn cool.