Nocturnal Weirdness

My sleep time is prone to weirdness . For some reason if anything is going on spiritually with me then night time visitations or interlopers are prompt to follow turning our bedroom into an occult wonderland. My poor spouse has had all manner of things happen to him at night; grabbed by unseen hands, spoken to, growled at, and generally - just having the living daylights frightened out of him. The fact that he stays with me through all this shows a true and abiding love. I don't think I would stay with me.

Anyway, it is safe to say I have the bedroom battened down. The husband is also trained in a emergency night-time protection drill - which he does with remarkable efficiency for someone who has been has been accosted at 3am by unknown forces, and without blinking. Now, I don't want to keep everything out because for whatever reason my dreams and nocturnal interactions with Spirit are an important source of information and feedback - but on the other hand this makes for a crack through which unwanted intrusions can happen.

Nonetheless, last night we saw an entirely new spin on our usual nocturnal programming:

The hubby gets woken by yours truly standing next to the bed gently stroking his leg. He wakes to find me standing with someone unknown beside me. Alarmed, he asks what I am doing and who the stranger our bedroom is? We both walk out the door. And then...THEN...he notices, ah, but in fact I am still sleeping in the bed next to him.

I don't remember a thing.

He tells the story with a remarkably prosaic attitude - such that it makes me think he is just relieved he didn't get growled at, again.

In honour of spooky, yet somehow funny weirdness - I believe a song is in order:

UPDATE: I was just informed by my spouse that I got some details in this post wrong: apparently, said ghostly apparitions left by way of the window. (sorry pooks!)


  1. Well, so far no REAL weirdness goes on in our bedroom other than my vivid dream (and waking up at odd hours with the feeling that we're not alone in the room), SO... I think I'll just skip passing this posting along to my wife, if ya know what I mean.

  2. whatever you've done, or are doing, to be blessed with such a partner--Keep It Up! i have only remembered one dream with clarity in all of 2-3 years...a source of great frustration that my nights are so 'quiet'.

  3. thank you for sharing! since moving to my apt in Long Beach, I have been woken up by odd things, only when I have been trying to pump up the psychic juice (so to speak) and I keep my home pretty shielded, at least, the bed room. The things waking me have never been that interesting though. Just scratching at the doors and windows on the 2nd story, in a place where there are no trees close enough, and not enough room for people to reach up there.

    Anyway, I should inform you that Otho (the heavyset man in beetlejuice) just recently passed away. His name was Glen Shadiz (I think) and he was found dead in his tennessee home, apparently from an accidently head injury from falling.

  4. @Scribbler - I know exactly what you mean. Although, I think in my case it's just a peculiarity of the way that I relate the spiritworld - or something about the atmosphere around me when I sleep that make its amenable to this sort of thing. It started when I was in my twenties with a sudden onset of sleep paralysis along with which came the spirit carnival in my bedroom. The sleep paralysis more or less vanished after a few years but this has stayed.
    @Brother Christopher - thanks for the heads-up about Otho! I loved him in Beetlejuice. Day Oh to you mr. Shadiz...

  5. Balthazar that is a very committed and loving spouse ;-)

    I think the visitations you have are certainly a mark of your strong connection to the spirit world and of your own inner ability.

    Its great that you both are taking it in stride. I know when I had odd visits the shields went up and in no uncertain terms all contact was limited to dreams. I find that angels and chthonic spirit alike seem to have a flair for rather dramatic visits...