God's Treehouse

This is so much better than waving a bible and ranting at people through a megaphone. What an inspiring, deeply magical idea. God told Horace to build at treehouse and that if he obeyed he would never run out of materials.

The treehouse is currently 97-foot high with ten floors, and growing!

It really makes me feel so amazingly good to know that God is as eccentric as all this. As a long-time lover of treehouses, folk-art and crazed prophets I highly recommend reading the touching story about Horace's treehouse.

Also check out this flickr set of pics detailing the treehouse in all its arkish glory.

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  1. This is too awesome for words; I can't imagine the amount of work that went into it.

    Also, hooray for a love of crazed prophets, lol!