The Lenormand Oracle: thoughts and a freebie

After an inspiring conversation with a spiritual worker called Mister M, I recently started studying the Lenormand more deeply. Being a stickler for tradition I decided to sign up for the Treppner course (which Mister M recommended), and it seems it is the most traditional presentation of the Lenormand in the English language (the lenormand has a fairly structured traditional system). This was the first deck of cards that I ever read with simply because these cards were what my mother and grandmother used to read with and I had access to them living at home. When I left home I couldn't take my mother's cards with me so I moved on to tarot, which at that time seemed more occult and serious to me. I also could not track down another Lenormand deck at the sole occult book shop in the Transvaal (pre internet days), so tarot it was for me.

My mother's style of reading them was very intuitive, she would lay them down and just start talking about stuff - sometimes it was unclear how it all related to the cards, and I suspected that she just needed an excuse like cards in front of her to talk. I like structure in any divination system, and found the more structure there is the better. But she never approached the Lenormand in that way.

The Lenormand does not disappoint in that regard, however. The traditional system is exceedingly structured in its own way, with very clear processes and tools for reading the grand spread, combining cards and drawing meaning and narrative from a spread. Cards form constellations, and when read in their entirety create unique meanings based on the card composition of each constellation. Cards are also combined in traditional ways in the grand spread. Much of this you just need to memorise and learn by rote. I like that because out of that structured reading format great accuracy arises and on a macro level truly complex narratives and intuitive insights begin forming. Geomancy or Horary astrology works well for the same reasons, I believe. Whilst the tarot can get pretty deep space with subtle mythic and spiritual layers the Lenormand is a lot more mundane in its scope - if you want to know whether you got the job, he will call you back or if someone will swindle you in a business relationship then this little oracle speaks very plainly to those sorts of things and that is what makes it so great.

It has been really nostalgic flipping through these little blue-backed cards this last while - taking me back to time when I was but a wee occult lad in the 80's!

So... I am practising as much as I can with the deck right now, using the Treppner method, but I won't be practising on paying clients (naturally)! For them I reserve the tools that I feel I am suitably skilled at already.

Freebie Lenormand Readings:

So, feel free to send me a question if you feel like it and I will do a short free reading for you. I will do so with the grand spread, a nine card draw spread or any other of the traditional methods that I am busy practising, or feel is appropriate. I will be reading using the Blue Owl Lenormand, or the Mystical Lenormand based on my fancy.


  1. If it seems interesting I might post the reading on the blog, along with the spread and question. So if your question is intensely private then it probably won't be a good idea to ask it.
  2. The reading is a practice oriented freebie for fun and entertainment, not an intense full reading or consultation. If you need more serious divination, you know where to go.
  3. I will get to it when I get to it. Please don't hassle or nag me if I don't respond immediately with a free reading.

Other than that fire away! :) Send your question to me in an e-mail. Remember when phrasing a query for a reading - clear questions always get clear answers. Names will be changed to protect the innocent ;)

The freebie offer is closed. No more questions please folks!


  1. How generous of you! I'll bite, and give you some practice, too!

  2. Yep, this is so nice! I have sent you an email w/my question. Cheers.