Old Style Conjure Festival

How cool is this! Now I just have to get my act together and get my rear-end across the pond to attend...
Check out the Old Style Conjure social network to get all the buzz.


  1. This is interesting although many "old style" conjure practitioners might find this too public, too commercial. What do you think of that critique?

  2. A fair critique... but having had the good fortune to have taken a class with Momma Starr, under whose aegis this is - and having chatted with Dara Anzlowar online for a couple of years, they are as 'old style' as you get, of that you can be sure. All the other workers giving workshops are all much loved and known.

  3. I was planning to be in NOLA for Samhain and that whole following week. Looks like I may need to make plans to extend my stay.