Understanding St. Expedite

I want to start this post by spreading the name of the enigmatic St. Expedite. He works fast, he pulls out the stops and his power and speed is manifested in direct proportion to the urgency of the matter.

This is an important point when considering petitioning this, arguably, the most celebrated saint in contemporary hoodoo. Every so often one hears reports of people giving away their St. Expedite icon, packing up the altar after they decide not to work with him because he seems to be 'ignoring' their petitions. And while it is true that some saints refuse to work with some people for reasons that only they will know I also think that when it comes to St. Expedite it is important to realise "he knows what is urgent and what is needed".

In other words if you badly want that new pair of prada shoes he probably won't be as concerned as if you badly needed a new pair of shoes because your child has no shoes to wear to school. He knows what is urgent and what is needed. If your petition is pressing - if you are backed into a corner, or have an impossible time constraint in a matter, a looming deadline of grave importance - such as: time is running out before they evict you, you need an emergency medical procedure, an emergency loan etc. Then this gracious saint will be on the matter like a bolt of greased lightning.

As a soldier he has strong sense of justice and in my experience is willing and capable of doing harsher works if they are justified. He can bring down a serious pressure on someone if they are obstructing a pressing matter. If they are stalling or otherwise blocking you he can break through that barrier pretty fast and they will wish they had been less obstructive.

Remember, to pay him what you promised for answering your prayers, or he can take back what he gave with interest. Soldiers don't work for free.

And for goodness sake don't procrastinate when doing so! ;-)


  1. I thank you for this clarification. The distinctions are obviously important to understand. I won't be dismantling my Expedite altar now. ;-)

  2. :-) Indeed! This has been my experience, and I have heard the same thing from others. He is a powerful spirit, however, and it's definitely worth it to take some time to get to know his style.

  3. I think it's similar to when some people stop petitioning St. Jude because he's not giving them what they want...but if your case isn't actually "desperate" or near "impossible" then why should he bother with it?

  4. Exactly Devi! Although, I think if one develops a close working relationship with a certain spirit they do tend to go out of their way to help - just like a government official, or police officer might go out of their way to help a personal friend. They might not otherwise ordinarily do something like that in their 'official' capacity. That's my sense of it anyway.

  5. Great insight into Expedite, but as a comment about the spirits deciding what's "really" important and what isn't, I'd like to just say...


    I mean, god damn it, if I am going to all the trouble to gather the fucking cakes and pennies and shit, writing up the petition and actually DOING the damned conjure ritual, who the fuck are they to tell me that what I think is important isn't, really.


    Not that I'm disagreeing with you, Bune's done the same kind of thing with me in my time with him, and so has my "HGA." What you're saying is a true representation of spirit magic, but...

    I don't like it.

  6. The results magician in me is nodding along in agreement with you RO but I must add that for the most part I feel this inclination is a byproduct of the pervasive consumer-culture, where everyone believes they are the customer and should get what they want, when they want it, and pronto.

    I am not sure this thinking applies healthily to magic or the spirit realm, and probably not to saints as a category of spirit at all. With the possible exception of Santa Muerte (but that is another kettle of fish).

    The truth is one can always find a spirit that will do whatever you ask of it, the issue really is - are you willing to work with that spirit in order to get what you want?

    I am not not necessarily talking about demons either. There are those among the Dead (thieves, murderers, children who drowned or died in a fire.. etc) who will work for pay, and work well if you are up to the task of handling them.

    There are other wild formless, nameless things at the crossroads and deep in the forest that will come if called and do pretty much anything for food. In my experience these are far more scary that anything in the Goetia that has a name. I know, I tried to put one in a pot once.

    The question is: how badly do you want those Prada shoes?


  7. Rather than looking at it as a spirit flat out denying your request because they may "know what's important", I think we also run into the case of it simply not being their job to do the kind of work you're asking for.

    They have a role (and yes, I understand that spirits have more leeway then the little box they got stuck into) and an area of specialization, and if your petition doesn't fall into their job description, then they are likely not going to be able to help you much.

    Like if I went up to a police officer and asked him if he could do my hair for prom. It's not his job or his area of expertise to do that kind of work. It's not that he hates me, or is being a jerk, he just doesn't do that.

    Now, as Balthazar says, if that policeman is someone I know very well and who I have a standing friendly relationship with, he might very well TRY and help me with my hair - but he still may not be the best person to get the job done as quick or as well as I actually need it to. I still would have been better off going to the hairdresser.

    That's the way I look at it.

  8. I come upon this post many weeks after it was written and I hope you may be able to answer a curious series of events for me. I am new to working with any Saints beyond St. Jude and St. Anthony and only just recently discovered St. Expedite in the midst of a current worry. Although St. Expedite has not granted any resolution to my situation, when I began working with him only a week or so ago, a white goose feather fell upon my path (I took this as Goose Spirit--that which does not abandon), heard a couple of Geese fly overhead in the middle of the night and the roses in my garden that have not bloomed in three years are blooming red and beautiful. Also, the peony that has not blossomed for just as long (too shady of a spot)is blooming a large and single red flower.

    I understand that if St. Expedite has not granted one's need that one does not pay him his due, and yet, I wonder if these are signs not to give up working with him? The situation has not gotten worse, but could easily get worse if not rectified soon and so I am wondering if I am to not lose patience. Could this be what it means? Perhaps he knows I am afraid to believe. And if things haven't gotten worse, is that in itself an answer? Is it best to be patient for a little while longer before giving up?


  9. Mynahnni, it is hard to say for sure because I don't now the particulars of your situation. What was your petition about? If you can give me some more detail I will do my best to give an answer.

  10. You are more than kind.

    The end of April into the entire May was an anything that can go wrong will go wrong time. I suddenly faced being unable to meet rental cost for June and funds altogether, and when I inadvertently discovered St. Expedite I thought perhaps this was an answer for me having nowhere else to turn but to a more Divine source of rapid intercession.

    I requested a specific amount to meet this urgency by 1 June. Since I do rent my little home from a relative, I was able to receive a 10 day extension favor, but on my pay I would not quite make it completely on the 10th day and so I am really stuck in the same circumstance and will just be behind again in July. And above all, I did not wish to disappoint my relation by my circumstance. This was also part of my petition to St. Expedite. Not to disappoint.

    I did promise red roses, wine and pound cake for St. Expedite should he help in this anxious situation. But now, I have all of these red roses in my garden the last couple of days and I wondered strangely if it means not to despair or if the 10 day extension was all he could give and to bring him one of the roses. Perhaps St. Jude is more appropriate for my request? I want to do the right thing, but would have been so grateful for a bit of Divine blessing. I do not live beyond my means, so it was not a matter of having done so and now paying the piper, as it were. Just circumstance kind of tore the fabric of things.

    I do keep the Goose feather on my altar now.

    Pray, forgive me if I have babbled.

    Blessings to you~

  11. Mynahnni, it sounds like you approached him under the right circumstances and certainly your request wasn't frivolous. I would give a him a single rose and a glass of water and tell him that you will give him the rest of he helps with the full petition - otherwise that seems fine to me.

    Additionally I would petition the blessed st. Joseph with your problem - he can work miracles with housing problems and is a saint very close to my heart (having gotten me out of a housing pickle once or twice too!). Please privately e-mail me your real name and petition to him and i will gladly set a light for you on my st. Joseph altar too, OK?


  12. I was mugged after starting to uncross myself with 13 bath, did a st expedite prayer to recover my documents, i gave up after a week of no success. i wonder why has such terrible attack!!!

  13. I humbly give thanks and glory to that most beautiful Saint, he answered my prayers swiftly and loved me and granted my wishes like a Father for his child!

    I want to thank that beautiful saint for helping me receive acceptance into a graduate program at one of the top Universities in the world! I also want to thank him for helping me with another interview also for another prestigious institution in the world. Also he has sent some money my way to help me in my difficult time!

    St Expedite answered my prayers within 7 hours of my request! He answered others in less than 3 days. St Expedite is worthy of honor , thanks and praise!

    I will continue loving and offering him all things beautiful! I will continue to spread his name with glory and honor!

    Thank you glorious dearest most precious St Expedite!

  14. Thank you St. Expedite for sending more than enough money to pay my light bill and other outstanding bills I asked in prayer to you. I couldn't believe it and was starting to give up that you would help because the money was needed so soon. But you sent in a nick of time! One week! Thank you! Thank you!

  15. Ive never worked with Expedite,something is drawing me towards him, I never heard of him and now He's popping up all over the place, I think he wants my devotion!!! I LOVE St. Philomena, and she doesnt always do what I request, but I love my Saints not only for what they can do for me, but for what theyve done for the world, as Martyrs, and saints!!! So I would never turn my back on a Saint for not doing what I think they should!!! Blessings!!

  16. Hi.

    You talk in this post about giving the saints what you said you would. I am new to conjure and am not sure how/what to give back. Also, I was reading a post about St. Joseph and would like to develop a relationship with him, but the link to todomojo's suggestions about what to give him back doesn't work anymore. I would appreciate any suggestions you have about what or how to make sure I'm not just taking but also giving to those spirits who help.