St. Michael Protection Mojo

This mojo was created some time ago for someone who works a lot at psychic fairs reading for people using her gift of psychometry. Due to her unusual gift she had become entirely depleted, taking on all kinds of nasty thought-forms from the masses of people around her, as well as her clients. I personally don't like psychic fairs very much and whenever I have been talked into reading at one I have come away feeling rather off myself. Resultantly her luck was horrendous and she was suffering from crossed conditions. After a thorough cleansing cycle some protection work was in order and seeing as she was particularly fond of angels and angelic imagery it seemed appropriate that we petition St. Michael the archangel as the spiritual agency under whose aegis we would construct her protection mojo. Here is the working I formulated:

Mojo Ingredients:
One large Angelica Root
Nine small pieces of Devil's Shoestrings
Sampson Snake Root
St. Michael medal
Name paper with petition
Personal Concerns
White mojo bag
Cast off Evil oil
Protection Oil

White rose petals
Blue taper
Four white candles

The Work:

Set up the blue taper with a St. Michael holy card affixed or use a vigil light of the same. Dress with protection condition oil.  Make a small circle of salt and place a white candle at each quarter, dressed also with condition oils.

Take the roots and pray over them individually anointing the whole Angelica root with Cast off Evil oil and Protection oil. Place everything in the mojo bag along with the petition paper and personal concerns. Get out the KJV Bible and pray psalm 91. I like to pray it loudly and with faith seven times till that energy is really cooking. Next, petition St. Michael and light his candle. Under his purview fix and tie the mojo, sew the St Michael medal onto the mojo bag, and place it inside the circle, sprinkling some rose petals all around it. Light white candles one by one calling on St Michael's angelic army to surround the client as you do. Keep working spiritually until you feel the work is done  - then leave the candles to burn down overnight. Once its all burned down the mojo is ready. It should be fed weekly with condition oil.

Honour to St. Michael

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  1. I just love St. Michael and was just getting ready to make an amparo using St. Michael holy cards for myself and some loved ones!

    This is an absolutely lovely mojo. I really enjoy seeing the working altars that other practitioners use. You can nearly always feel the energy right through the snapshot. :)

    Thank you for sharing.