St. Joseph Day, March 19th

Tante Sindy Todo has been observing a personal pledge and tradition to build and maintain  beautiful altars in St. Joseph's honor every year on St. Joseph day. She invites everyone to place a petition on the altar. From Tante Sindy at todomojo.com:

"I began these altars about 15 years ago and every few years on March 19th we have a large celebration then more personal altars between. We celebrate our birthdays with St. Joseph’s Feast day and we donate to our food bank monies collected from attendees and our own contribution. It was a wonderful custom to learn  and I treasure those sweet times with my friend learning from her precious grandmother.
St. Joseph is my patron Saint and my dearest guide. My father who watches me from heaven was named Joseph; my husband who is a carpenter daily says his prayer to St. Joseph and is always provided work as he requests. He has never failed me and it is my blessing to honor him on this day.
Should you wish to send a petition to Saint Joseph for this March 19th It will be placed on my altar for one year. You may email me at: Todomojo@gmail.com or mail your paper, card, letter etc to: Sindy Todo #174, 6523 California Ave SW, Seattle WA 98136 or you can use the web form on the St. Joseph altar photos page where you will also find a Pay Pal donation button."

This is a wonderful tradition and Tante Sindy gives detailed advice for appropriate offerings as well as the history of this tradition on her website. She also has some lovely pics of these gorgeous altars.

I feel a special connection with St. Joseph and am deeply grateful for all his blessings and the powerful intercession that I have experienced with this remarkable saint. This really is a wonderful opportunity to participate in Tante Sindy's great work and to experience the gentle power of St. Joseph oneself.I can't wait to build our altar!


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