Some Lamp Examples

Someone asked about pictures. Here are some lamps created in plain old ceramic bowls. I will try to post a photo tutorial on putting one together. Its pretty easy, although one needs to experiment a bit to see what works with your materials before conjuring with one to avoid the disappointment of a lamp going out unexpectedly.

The Mighty  St Joseph Job-Getting Lamp.

A secret money lamp formula which I will never divulge.

A St Martha Domination Lamp. 


  1. Ah, thank you so much! =) I understand better now. I hope to set one up very soon!

  2. Very interesting! I love how it looks - these lamps have a very evocative feel to them that other types of lamps lack.

    About how long does a lamp like this burn before it needs to be refilled? I mean, I realize you would be working with it daily, but I'm curious as to how long they last.

  3. It depends on the size of dish/container you are using as a well. The type of vegetable oil and thickness of the rolled wicking, make a difference too. These shown above would burn for roughly two days before the well is empty of oil. I would top them up daily though and pull some more wicking through with a small pare of tongs. Every time you fill it, you pray and work it - this effect is cumulative so it gains a lot of momentum.

    They are quite efficient in my opinion and less expensive to run than a kerosene lamp with odourless lamp oil. Probably not as inexpensive as a kerosene lamp using kerosene, but then I would like to see who would actually be willing to endure a kerosene lamp burning 24/7 for 2 weeks or more in their altar room!! The whole house starts reeking of kerosene, ugh. And then their is the daily tango with the kerosene drum and trying to fill a burning lamp with that super flammable stuff. Not recommended.