Restless Dead in Amsterdam

Happy new year to all! I have just got back from an excellent vacation in Europe of which our last stop was Amsterdam, Netherlands.

My partner and I checked into a self catering apartment  - the same place we stayed in on our previous vacation in the city. We asked for it once more because we were so comfortable the last time. Upon arrival we noticed that the bedroom had been repainted and redone with nice new furniture, which we barely took note of. However, after the first night we realised something was very wrong with it. At first the atmosphere was oppressive and we found ourselves extremely irritable and prone to arguing about silly stuff and when we got to bed it really began - horrible gut-wrenching, violent nightmares.

OK, I thought, it was a bad night - it happens - maybe too much cheese. However, the following afternoon after sightseeing all day, I decided to take a nap. Sure enough I had another nasty dream and in this one I am confronted by an old friend who invites me to come with him to his place. After walking with him for a while I somehow sense its not really him and I confront him, at which point he becomes this truly evil thing. I woke up with a cloying sense of dread and despair. I checked the cards - the cards verified that there was something in the room and that we should leave before something even worse happens; I should not meddle with it. The only problem: its peak season and we have booked the holiday apartment for the week - no chance to move on such short notice. That night my partner dreams that blood is being smeared all over the walls; I too have more nightmares of being pursued by something and other grizzly stuff. Our conclusion: the reason the room had been repainted and refurnished is that someone recently died there. In addition a truly vile odour begins to permeate the apartment. Think excrement + cadaver.

What to do? I had none of my conjure tools at hand other than my cards; we couldn't move out and it began to put a truly sinister twist on what should have been a lovely time in one of our favourite cities. I popped into a grocery store and headed for the spice shelves and found some cayenne pepper, salt and powdered ginger - as well as some tea lights and and olive oil. I have no hands-on experience working with the angry dead or hauntings, and I have been warned by elders that those can be some of the most dangerous spirits to piss-off; so combined with cards' warning not to interfere I decided our best strategy would be to sleep in the living room area and set up as strong protection as I can using what I have got rather than to try to tangle head-on with what is obviously a very unhappy spirit.

I petitioned my spirits, cleansed the space we were sleeping in and set up a magical perimeter using the hot stuff and salt.

For the first time we slept through the night reasonably peacefully. I could sense something around but it wasn't coming at us anymore. We stayed another two nights like that and eventually we found a hotel with an available room (at an exorbitant rate) - we took it and high tailed it out there.

When it comes to spiritual battles, I always try to pick the ones I am most likely to win.

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