Peacekeeper Commanding Oil

Sometimes you need to bring a conflict to a grinding halt. You need to stop the fight in its tracks long enough so that people can get some perspective and get a grip. Last year I helped someone who was embroiled in an ugly conflict and the pettiness just seemed to be escalating day by day as these seemingly reasonable adults behaved like children. I needed a condition oil that would help bring peace and do it swiftly with commanding force! In other words it needed it to have the power of commanding and compelling combined with the quality of peace. I used my pendulum to dowse this formula which I now call Peacekeeper Commanding Oil. We successfully used it in the work and there was total ceasefire within 24 hours. I have since had great success using it to put my foot down magically and bring a halt to conflicts.

Peacekeeper Commanding Oil:
High John the conqueror
Sampson Snake root
In a base of Sweet Almond

After preparing the oil your usual way, burn a blue candle down over the jar with the command "PEACE and RESPECT NOW!" inscribed on the candle.  You may want to petition a saint as you pray over the candle and oil, as I like to do. I find burning a candle down over newly made oil, along with prayer, gives it more punch.

If you try this condition oil  - may it bring swift peace and respect where it is needed most.


  1. What a blessing, thank you for sharing...who doesn't need to bring some peace to a situation from time to time.

  2. Lovely! I will definitely try whipping up a batch and trying it out!