Demons and Devotion: The Hours of Catherine of Cleves

This is an impossibly exquisite medieval masterwork that just knocked my breath away. The Hours of Catherine of Cleves is an ornately illuminated manuscript produced by an anonymous medieval dutch artist in a Gothic style. The fantastic mythic power of these images just floors me. It's all digitally captured and you can zoom in and inspect the work up close. What a marvel that you can see this online! The Christian mythos rendered through medieval imagination is something that truly fascinates and inspires me: stirring subterranean parts of consciousness like no other images in my opinion. 


  1. Fra Balthazar,

    Thanks for sharing this-a wonderful, rich and riveting piece. I've always loved the religious artwork from this period-it seems rife with deeper understandings. The kind best communicated through image and experience.

  2. That is very true Frater. Powerful, deeply magical stuff.