The spell that bit me in the @%$#!

I have been writing a lot about the validity of dark work in afro-diasporic traditions such as conjure, lately. It has a socially and spiritually valid part to play and a largely misunderstood place in the repertoire of conjures and other spiritual workers. As such it is an important part of magical craft and it should be understood in the light of its cultural context. However, a word to the wise:
  1. Never throw powders and burn candles when angry.
  2. Get an independent, objective person to verify and read for you when it is too personal.
  3. Wait at least two weeks or longer to see how the situation develops before lifting a finger. If you dont your judgement will be clouded.
  4. Remember; some spells cannot be undone once the ball is in motion.
  5. If your work is not justified you are committing a sin and you will pay the price.
Oh yes you will. See exhibit A:

Magicians always seem to blog about their successes, but rarely about their screw-ups. I thought I would show one of my worst lapses in judgment from last year; not as a warning about doing dark work, because I still do this work if needed and think it is an important part of the tradition. Instead, I offer it as a cautionary note about doing dark work that is not truly justified but rather is wrought from anger and pain or from some murky, bitter state of mind.

This is a particularly difficult distinction to make if you are too close to the matter. 

It is easy to assume that because hoodoo contains these practices in its bag of tricks that it endorses magical attack when ever you are provoked enough to consider it. It does not. And whilst conjures dont subscribe to karma or the law of three, or the wiccan rede for matter - and they can and will take the matter to the graveyard if necessary - it does not mean there are no repercussions for unjustified work. 

A few more practical tips should you choose to do such work:

  • Always, always, always cleanse yourself thoroughly after such work. A hyssop bath accompanied by psalm 51 is traditional.
  • Cleanse the space where it was done (if indoors) and dispose of the remnants far from your house.
  • Pray to God that the work only be carried out if it is justified in His eyes. Mean it.


  1. Ah THAT? :)

    Well, without going in too much personal detail; I responded in a knee-jerk fashion to a *very* personal situation. I did not heed my own card reading on the matter. I did not look to another reader or worker for a second opinion. I did not listen to my spirits. I was so angry and upset that the work got all twisted up and came back down on me like a ton of bricks. Boy oh boy did it ever..

  2. They say that when you point your finger at someone, 3 of your own fingers are pointing back at you. So if you call God and ask for retribution and justice, you can expect him to enact it on you as well, if you think it can be fairly done to others then it can be expected to happen to you equally.