HGA, Relics and Saint Joseph in Bruges

I am currently traveling in Europe and had the opportunity to visit the beautiful medieval city of Bruges, in Belgium. It really is like walking into a fairy tale.

Inside the cathedral Sint Salvador; some breathtaking Neo Gothic architecture and art - and serendipitously discovered a gorgeous St. Joseph shrine at which I was very happy to offer a taper.


Interestingly, I found a shrine dedicated to the holy Guardian Angel.


Also, an interesting if unsettling shrine for a holy relic of Sint Salvador. Skulls emblazon much of the architecture and art. Relics fascinate me. The atmosphere is this cathedral is quite indescribable.

Elsewhere in Bruges there is an ancient church which houses a relic containing the blood of Christ; said to return to its liquid form in times of war and tragedy. Sadly, I was unable to see it - a closed service was being held.

Anyway, thought I would share some of the sights from my trip.


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