Hoodoo Housekeeping

Every few months or so, stuff in my conjure workshop and on my various spirit altars just get totally out of control. There is debris from the ongoing spell work everywhere; drippings, bits of root, cloth, paper etc. The jars that I greedily hoard yet never seem to be enough for all the stuff that I want to put in them, crowd every shelf. Shelves are dusty and altars are cluttered and covered with petition papers, empty bottles of condition oil, crab shell - you name it. 
I am not the neatest person in the world and I rather enjoy the look of my shelves when crammed with weird bottles, meaningful bits of stone, stick or bone. And then there is all the dirt. Various forms of crossroads dirt - hailing from either trivium, T junction, fork and regular - or from some special crossroads that mean something; an accident happened there or I felt unusually drawn to it for some reason. Bank dirt, mental hospital dirt, prison dirt and of course graveyard dirt.
Sometimes I forget to label my dirt, and you know what? Its kinda hard to distinguish crossroads dirt from bank dirt by looking at it. :)

In my ongoing quest for sorcerous power I am continually getting new herbs and roots into the workshop to experiment with and expand my herbal arsenal/magical vocabulary. 
The problem is space. So I had to give my herb collection a long, hard look to decide what I use regularly and thus deserves easy-access shelf space and what should be packed away in the pantry or chucked out. Not easy for a hoarder such as I!
Then there are the few herbs that I grow and dry myself hanging around that need to get put in a containers or thrown out if they have lost their spark.
I am kinda particular and like too keep my magical equipment, jars, bowls, knives and spoons separated from my regular kitchen utensils - which means I have magical kitchenware floating around the workshop because I refuse to keep it in the kitchen with the regular kitchenware. 
I always seem to be ordering far more herbaceous material than I could possibly use before it looses its life and so inevitably I have these extra packets of stuff that don't fit into jars, yet which I cant bring myself get rid of because its still good to use!

This chaos builds up to a critical level and I can almost feel the saints and spirits on my various altars grimacing with forbearance with this mess. Eventually I start feeling the clutter is draining my enthusiasm and drive to work magic.

It ends today!

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