The Hard Gift

When we bring spirits into our lives; the ancestors, saints, dead and other celestial or terrestrial spirits, we imagine that this will mean getting access to their aid and blessings. And whilst this is true we also are given certain gifts and blessings we never asked for at all or even consider to be such. In fact the spirits have their own ideas about what is right, moral, just and conducive to your integrity. And when we bring their influence into our lives we get the full package, like it or not. They begin to participate on all levels as distinct and assertive people, like any other person you have chosen to associate with. They have thoughts and feelings about what is going on with your life, and like any close friend or family member will tell it like it is. Except sometimes they show you through circumstances when you do not listen. This week I stepped out of line and the spirits unequivocally walloped me right back into alignment with my deepest level of integrity. It was hard, it was violent and it tore at the sinews of my being. I see now it was essential - but damn, it hurts. This is what it means to have spirits; they have you too.

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