Balthazar’s Heart Card Technique

The following Lenormand technique requires only three cards: the Lord, Lady and Heart. It provides a quick and accurate snapshot of a romantic relationship. I use it as the springboard for a relationship reading.

Where the heart falls in each combination is the key to interpreting the combination.

First find the heart, lord and lady cards - putting the rest of pack aside for moment. You will need to use a deck where the Lord and Lady face opposite directions since their facings form part of the technique.

For this example let us assume we are reading on John’s romantic relationship with Mary. Shuffle the Heart, Lady and Lord cards while focusing on their relationship, and then lay them out in a strip.

There are six possible combinations - each with its own twist:

This is the best combination. The heart connects the Lord and Lady and they are facing. The affection is mutual and they are both interested in the relationship. This bodes well for the relationship since both parties are on board.

The combination is more troubling but holds hope. The heart connects the Lord and Lady but they are not facing as before. The feelings are mutual but there are issues. They do not see eye to eye. Often this indicates a relationship where the couple is fighting but still remain attracted to each another. Otherwise it can show circumstances pulling them apart.

This is somewhat more negative since there is no heart connecting the Lord and Lady. It does however reveal on whose side the problem lies. The Lord and Lady face each other but the heart falls on the side of Lady. Mary and John appear to be trying but Mary is either consciously or unconsciously doing something to mess it up. This can indicate that Mary is emotionally unavailable in some way (her heart is not in it). If Mary is the client I might tell her that this combination is a clue that she is doing something to sabotage the relationship. Playing games, blowing hot and cold, or otherwise withholding in some way are all possibilities. If John were the client I would be concerned that despite Mary's apparent interest in him her affections lay elsewhere.

This is the least fortunate, especially for John. The Lord and Lady are facing apart. The heart does not join them. The lady faces the heart. Mary is pulling away and is withdrawing her love. Mary most probably wants things to end, or is otherwise not interested. She wants out. 

(The final two combinations are the same as the previous two but are of application to the Lord instead of the Lady and are therefor interpreted in the same way.)

Now that you have the snapshot of what is going on your can can use the rest of the pack and lay three cards above and three below to create a 3x3 for details.

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