In Memory of Dr E

The online hoodoo community is reeling after the devastating news that Dr E has passed so unexpectedly. Eddy was a colleague and a friend - my heart goes out to his family and partner at this, the saddest of times. I'll always remember Eddy for his tirelessness work in AIRR and in the extended spiritual community; his fearless integrity and his sense of humour.

Eternal Light and Progress to you, dear friend.


  1. That is very sad news. My earnest condolences.

  2. Though I've never gotten a chance to have a reading from Dr.E,I must say it saddens my heart to hear a member of the Magick Community has passed on.Rest in Blessings Dr.E I enjoyed reading your website..LSP

  3. Eddy was always a gentleman and patiently answered my questions. He was a great teacher and the best example of ethics in the community.