Sleeping with water: my first line of defence

Every night I sleep with two glasses of water. The first glass is my drinking water, the second glass is my first line of defence. My drinking water has a lightweight lid on it, to 'close' it off from receiving anything spiritually. Naturally, I don't want to drink any of that junk during the night! 

The second glass of water is the glass which I set to absorb anything coming at me. Every night when I prepare for bed, as part of my night time ritual, just before I jump into bed I will spiritually 'clean' myself over the second glass by brushing my hands over my body and away - finally tapping the accumulated 'stuff' into the glass. This sets the intention that this glass is meant to absorb anything sent against me during the night. 

What's most amazing is I pour both these glasses of water in the same type glass, at the same time, from the same faucet. If you imbiggen the pic above you will notice the lidless glass on the right is filled with bubbles and my drinking glass is completely clear - and as every spiritualist knows: when the glass gets bubbly it has taken on icky spiritual gunk. 

At night when we are sleeping we are often at our most vulnerable spiritually - especially if you are a mediumistic type of person you will find that your sleep time is potentially the first point of contact for all kinds of stuff; both good and bad. This simple glass of water is my first line of night-time defence and a very effective early warning system.

Usually I wake up and both glasses are clear. However, every so often the second glass presents filled with bubbles and then I know something is up. Someone is throwing at me, or there is some other spiritual intrusion that I need to take care of. I take up that 'dirty' glass with my left hand and I pour it down the toilet and flush that stuff away. A single incident of this shouldn't get you all freaked out and paranoid - it's probably just general astral noise and grime getting picked up by the water. If the glass presents like this for several nights in a row however, then I will do a divination to find the source of intrusion and take appropriate action.

I highly recommend this practice to people who move in magical circles where there is potential for spiritual attacks, or to people who are readers or otherwise active in a spiritual scene of some sort. This deceptively simple thing is not only a fascinating demonstration of the mechanics of the watery spiritualist technology that pervades espiritismo, but also highly effective at keeping you spiritually clean and secure.

It's easy, it works and it will save you a lot of problems in the long run, let me tell you!


  1. Yikes! I just remembered I had a water bottle offered to my ancestors two days ago and it too has bubbles already. I think they consumed it so it's time for disposal.

    Thanks for the info on the bubbles on water.

  2. Oh I must have read about this a looong time ago... and when I started having nightmares a few weeks ago, and thought about what to do against them, this popped into my head. Wasn't sure if I made it up or actually had that information from somewhere but this comes as a confirmation!

  3. Sounds like a confirmation to me Lilith! Try it and see how it works for you.

  4. Hello Balthazar!

    What's your opinion and experience when this happens to offerings? bubbles in the glasses that have water for the spirits to refresh themselves?

  5. Hi Mister M! I would assume that the offerings have absorbed the spiritual grime in the atmosphere. A blessing, if you think about it.

  6. As always sage advice and excellent post. One of the beauties of folk magic world-wide is its elegant simplicity. A cup of pure water to keep spirit pure while we rest.

  7. Thanks Ali! And right you are, sir. Simple, yet elegant spiritual remedies are often the most potent.

  8. I did this last night and found no bubbles in my glass

    Thanks God :)

  9. I've tried this the last few nights and had very restful, almost dreamless sleep. Can I ask a couple of practical questions?

    Do you dump the old water and set out fresh every day, or only when the water shows signs of spiritual gunk?

    Does it matter if my cat drinks out of the glass? He seems to find it irresistable.

  10. Hi mister Li. Happy to hear that it's been helpful. You should dump it daily and set out a fresh glass. I don't know about the cat drinking it! I doubt the cat drinking it will have an adverse effect on your spiritual health - but who knows maybe not good for the cat?

  11. This is a fantastic trick! I've gotta start doing this; always pays to be cleaner rather than not. Thank you!

  12. You can't ignore evaporation starts the bubbles in the glass!
    Mh... I'm afraid you CAN. Am I right?...

    [Why one glass with bubbles and the other without? of course because the lid inhibits evaporation, so bubbles don't start]

    Yeah! ^_^

  13. It's a very light paper lid Hariben, so there is evaporation in both glasses. And naturally there IS some sort of natural bubble-forming mechanism at work. That doesn't mean it isn't a spiritual indicator AS WELL. As above so below, wise-ass.