A new dawn, a new day

In alignment with recent developments - both spiritual and mundane - you may have noticed I have revamped both the blog's design as well as the look on my commercial website. It's been long overdue, so I was very happy to get it done.

Along with pretty new graphics I have streamlined the site as a whole and simplified a few things that used to confuse clients. I now have a flat reading rate of $60 per hour for rootwork consultations and readings. My commercial site will temporarily direct to a weebly subdomain whilst my regular conjure.nl domain gets moved to point to the new hosting. This should happen in a few days.

Check it out, and look forward to your comments and suggestions!


  1. Beautiful redesign. The Conjure Gnosis change is good too. It resonates well with what you do. I never noticed anything wrong with gnostic conjure, but conjure gnosis feels even better.

    LOVE what you've done with the place, Dhr. B.

  2. Thanks for your positive feedback R.O., much appreciated! I agree, Conjure Gnosis has a better ring to it. And I want to avoid any confusion with the dubious ramblings of Michael Bertiaux, whenever possible. It's funny when I started the blog it was just a bored friday afternoon's whim. That title seemed as good as any for what I thought would just be a patch of cyberspace for me to babble incoherently... nothing much would come of it I thought. Boy was I wrong!


  3. Looks lovely! A warm and welcoming feel. I support your avoidance of Bertiaux wholeheartedly, haha.