The Sorcerous Egg

This Easter I would like you to consider the egg in a different light.

Eggs are some of the most useful items at our disposal as spiritual workers, and there are just so many practical things you can do with them that any fledgling worker will be rewarded greatly by spending some time investigating the various spiritual uses of the egg. Because eggs are made of animal matter they have some very special resonant properties with us as human beings and short of using live animals there are few things that are both as accessible and spiritually absorbent as the ordinary egg. It can be used to cleanse; or as a sympathetic representation of a person, and as such it can also be used as a kind of spiritual 'decoy', among other things. Additionally, eggs can be read after they have been used to cleanse which makes for a useful divination method in that context. As a means of deploying spellwork an egg can be 'fixed' and then hidden near the target to bring into effect its intended purpose. Once emptied out carefully, an egg's shell can also be used as a container spell.

I am all about finding ways of working that are powerful but remain straightforward and accessible, which the the humble egg most certainly is.

Reversing spell and sending it back with a bang:

Here is a nice little trick that was shown to me recently for when someone has decided to burn black candles on your name, or has otherwise thrown bad juju at you in some fashion.

1 egg
Bottle of dark vinegar
Black marker
Heat source

I bet it's less messy if you do this outdoors on a barbecue or something but I did it indoors on the gas stove and it worked just fine. Granted, I had to clean up afterward. Totally worth it.

First take the egg and cleanse yourself with it, praying that the bad work be taken from you. In other words, wipe yourself down carefully so as to ensure you don't break the egg. It kind of feels like you are taking an eraser and erasing black charcoal off of your energy field. When you are done take the marker and write your enemy's name on the egg. If you don't know the name of the person you can write "the evil one", or "all enemies known and unknown". Baptise the egg for them.

Next, put it in the pot and fill the pot with vinegar untill the egg is mostly covered, praying that their plans turn against them and go sour. Tell your enemies that things are about to get hot for them. Psalm 70 is also a good accompaniment for the boiling. If you like you can season the egg with some reversing powder, though not strictly necessary. Set the pot to to boil on HIGH and then leave it to boil till the vinegar has boiled off and the egg is left baking on the dry surface. Then leave it like this and back away, making sure to remove children, pets and spouses.

After roughly 25-45 minutes the egg will go black and then explode with a tremendous, and somewhat startling blast!

Problem solved.


  1. This is awesome, thank you for sharing!

  2. This is great, thank you. I have often exploded eggs (accidentally) so appreciate the force with which they go..very appropriate to the task in hand.

  3. What a lovely conjure! I'm loving it B. It reminds me of the jar and nails one. Is this one that was passed down from an elder, it has a nice old school feel to it.

    1. Dear Balthazar thanks for sharing this.
      As you commented about using "all enemies", I guess I can use the same egg for two people (with their names) as they act together with same objective , and I need "one bang" for twice. As they are too closer in all, including doing evil, I guess I can baptism this way.

    2. Hi could you please tell me about the jar and nail one please. i have pp dat do not want me to become pregnant and dey doin everything in voodoo book to destroy my conceivin from god.i need alot of help to help me become pregnant. i feel like dey have us blocked. thank you so much

  4. I love this. Eggs are a staple in my cleansing but I have never used them for a reversal. I will certainly keep this in mind for the future.

  5. Dear balthazar..

    first of all, your blog LOOKS SO COOL !!!!!

    i am doing this tonight... i will post results !