Telephonic and Skype consults now at no extra cost!

I used to charge a little extra for telephonic/skype readings, but I am doing away with this fee and instating them at no extra cost. I have noticed consistently that people whom receive telephonic consults get far, far better value for money, clearer readings and better understanding of the way I like to work. This all translates into better results for them in the long run, and more satisfaction for me. These clients more often than not turn out to be my return customers, who check in every few months as things develop - because we have built a good worker-client relationship based on mutual understanding and clear communication.

This makes me happy of course, and even better, it saves time doing away with all that endless back-and-forth on e-mail trying to clarify what a reading is saying, or attempting to explain how to do a spiritual bath. Something that can usually be done in a minute or two when talking real-time to someone.

Additionally, there is a lot to be said for talking to someone when reading for them. A stronger spiritual connection is felt (IMO) and a more engaging reading experience is possible.

We can talk over Skype if you have a mic and some headphones, which is easier to arrange than you realize and free. Alternatively, you can call me on my landline and we can do it that way. Naturally, regular call rates can be expected with landline calls.

Telephonic/Skype calls are always by appointment.

I look forward to talking with you!

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