Revenge, death and destruction

I think I've finally been able to frame my formal position with regards to doing dark work for clients. Which is to say; throwing juju at enemies. It's taken me a while to figure out where I stand on the matter because, in principal, I am just fine with doing dark work. And I have done so. I would even go so far as to say it is an important part of the tradition and an art that needs to be maintained. The question really then remains: when am I willing to take on the task of throwing truly corrosive juju around for clients?

I wasn't all that sure. I was just deciding on a case by case basis.

However, I have been dealing with a severe case of this nature and this got me thinking that I need to have a formal position that people can familiarise themselves with before asking me to do that kind of work. I began to examine my motives very carefully and I asked myself: what genuinely motivates me to do this kind of work and when do I feel personally comfortable and morally indemnified (or compelled) doing so for a client?

Justice? Money? Righteousness? Malice?

Then it became clear to me. I have to apply the rules that I use in my own life to my client work.

In my own life and affairs you would need to harm me or someone I care about, substantially, before I will ever consider going to a graveyard with black candles in my hand. You can insult me, annoy me, spite me, anger me - you might even manage to get me flame spitting furious but that alone will never be enough to get me to the point where I will scratch your name into a black candle with a rusty coffin nail.

That just isn't my style.

You have to either directly harm or substantially threaten to harm me or someone I really care about. What does this mean for my clients? It means I need to know you well enough and have worked with you long enough that I would be willing to go to that place for you. Justice alone is not enough for me to go there. The world is full of injustice. Not my job to fix it. Money won't do it because, very simply, I am nobody's hoodoo hit-man. Similarly, your hatred and fury means nothing to me. But if you mean something to me then you might have my ear and my heart. Nobody hurts anyone I care about on my watch.

It might sound a little peculiar but what it comes down to in practical terms in my own conjure practice, is this:

If you come to me out of the blue seeking revenge, pain, death and destruction on your enemies - no matter how justified it all seems; no matter what the reading says; no matter how angry/sad/bitter you may be... it's pretty darn unlikely you will get me digging around the graveyard for you. Sorry.

I'll hot-foot a nuisance gladly, I might jinx up a competitor and I will most certainly dominate and control an idiot when it is called for; but I will never rain down destruction on anyone  - for whatever reason - if you are a total stranger to me. Never.

However, if you are an established client of mine who I have been reading and doing spiritual work with for some time already (and enough so that I have had the opportunity to get to know you; your character; and your story adequately), then, there is some chance that I might consider doing this kind of work for you. And this will be based on my sincere and very genuine personal concern for you as my trusted client and friend.

Like I said - nobody hurts anyone that I care about.


  1. Hello St Balthazar,

    I'm a regular reader of your blog and many of your posts were inspiring to give my point of view, but this one, deserves special attention.

    First, I want to start by putting everyday life situations: someone started a discussion with another person at the office and well, some of them were offended; someone pissed off another person in traffic, etc. For me, and as you said, these situations are not worthy to use magic against someone, but here are the good/bad news: some stupid people do. Some stupid people, the first thing they do, is going to the Santero, or Brujo to cross someone who won an argument at the office to them, or just by simple envy.

    Second, here it comes the practitioner: The person comes to them and ask them a "work" because "this person is causing them harm and pain and they want to take them out of their life" and the story goes that way, mostly.
    The practitioner performs the reading, some others just don't care and anyways, they end by putting a curse on the other person.

    Third, at the very second I write this post, someone is being fucked up by someone just because of envy, or an argument they didn't win, you name it.

    Fourth, as a magician, I don't use magic to those situations, because again, as you said, the anger, fury or whatever feeling this people have, I just don't give a damn; but the very second someone tries to use magic against me or my loved ones, I don't hesitate to unleash the fucking hell on their feet.
    In the past, me and some of my own family members have been victims of this fucking practitioners and this fucking kind of people; I have become really good at breaking this kind of shit and turn it back to my enemies and even practitiones with no damn mercy.

    Thanks for bringing this issue to the table.

    In the LVX,


  2. Good for you, Balthazar. Professional conjure doctors have to decide where that line is for them at some point.

    Despite that, I'm sure you've come to realize people come to you with all sorts of requests. lol

  3. Hey Balthazar, I'm glad you wrote this entry in your blog. That's basically the same approach I take in my professional work. I've had people come to me saying "I want you to mess him up because he broke my heart!" and my response is "Heartbreak are the table-stakes in the game of love, ma'am. I'm not going to curse someone because you got into a relationship with an asshole." Real serious damaging magical work like sickness spells, death spells, etc. require some SERIOUS damage to be done to my client and I have to have full cooperation and nothing but support from my spirits or I am not going to do it. Your niece was date raped? Ok, I'll curse him. A family member molested your son? Ok, I'll curse him. Someone has been cursing and hexing everyone in your family to the point of loss of life? Ok, I'll curse them. But losing your job, getting you heart broken or having someone insult you is not justification enough for that kind of work - at least in my mind.

    Good for you, Balthazar. Your ethical line will help you not only with professional work, but also with sleeping better at night knowing you are doing good work.

  4. Thanks Dr.E, it's very encouraging to hear you take a similar approach to this area of work. Like you say - we have to be able to sleep at night. Long after the client has moved on we will be carrying that work on our conscience.

  5. I'm glad you wrote this as well. People tend to forget just how quickly their rage can to remorse when the work they're paying you to do actually succeeds.

    My personal rule of thumb? If I wouldn't stab them myself, keep the black candles for another day. Besides, there are plenty of other magical ways to get revenge, most with more entertaining results than a car accident or a heart attack.

  6. This is a great post and thread. The angle I've generally come across is the Wiccan do no harm; which never seemed very human to me. And isn't magic precisely the arena to right wrongs that can't otherwise be addressed? I'm not as experienced but am inspired to read through the posts and began practicing again.