It's pride weekend here in Amsterdam which means the city fills up with revellers and the entire place turns into a party. The waterways get filled with brightly coloured boats, there is music everywhere and the city teems with happy people having a good time. It's a really good feeling. Already there is festive buzz humming in the air.

I don't think I ever mentioned this on the blog but - I am gay.

My husband and I are planning on wandering around the city soaking up the sun (please let there be sun), music and DANCING. I love dancing :)

A quick cruisy hoodoo tip for my queer readers (and the ladies):

A cotton wad with a few drops Fast-luck + Essence of Bend Over in the back pocket of your designer denims, along with a prayer - will have the boys buying you drinks all night long, girl. If you see a boy you want - slip your hand into your back pocket, squeeze the wad of cotton so you get a tiny bit of oil on your hands and then when you talk to him put your hand on his shoulder, arm, or back with some intention - along with a sexy smile of course. Then, hold onto your hat.

Not that I would know, mind you. I am married ;)


  1. Every good magician is gay ;)

    Enjoy pride, bro.
    I have a feeling that street dust/kanal water after/during pride itself would be very good for mojo involving revelry/sexuality/freedom?

  2. Dunno about that! But, all the COOL ones are gay anyway :)

    I wouldn't use canal water for anything - ew! Sewage and dead bicycles!

  3. dead bicycles ;) reminds me of a chicago story: years ago the city of chi. used to push all of the removed snow into the river--after all, it was just going to melt, why take up parking space? the city had to stop when it was discovered that they were killing the river. not because of the snow, but what was in it: cars, bodies, whatever the plow hit (big & loud)& pushed along. hope the sun shines bright for you!

  4. Happiest of Pride's to you! Pride is one of my favourite weeks here in Toronto. The parade is amazing, and the whole week is filled with so much joy and plenty of amazing activities and events. The whole city comes alive, and I don't personally know anyone that doesn't go to at least some Pride-event during that time - no matter what their orientation! I can only imagine it's similar where you are. SOOO much fun!

  5. Ye gods the magical internet really is just one big parade, isn't it? :)

    Pride's on in Brighton tomorrow as well. I've got friends going but I can't make it.

  6. You are a homosexical? oh my goodness! well blessings on your genitals (and your husbands), and have a happy Pride.

    I will share a secret with you. I am a drag nun.

    www.lasisters.org. Look for Dirrtie.

  7. *waves* Have a great Pride!

    I've never timed it right to make a pride march,there's always some dumb reason I can't go (or I'm not in a town that does it up at), but I did manage to get to go to the big protest in Washington DC last year which was amazing.

  8. Fra Balthazar,

    It's nice to hear you refer to your husband. We just got rid of a particularly bigoted bit of legislation out here in California, that was preventing our gay bros and sisters from marrying....good riddance to bad rubbish! Hope Pride was fun!