Geomancy, Fractals, Africa

A reader tipped me off about this fantastic TED talk by Ron Eglash, entitled; African Fractals, buildings and braids (thanks George!). As a geomancer and someone involved in african and african descended traditions this talk excites me. If you are interested in geomancy, math, divination and the complex relationship these topics have with African spirituality, village building and even weaving (!) - this talk will be of interest.

Most interesting is that in fairly scientific terms Eglash manages to highlight the incredible legacy of geomancy - both in the spiritual and mathematical sense. Looked at in the light of the information presented here it gives one an inkling as to why it might be that the system is such a blisteringly accurate divination tool. What's more, as far as I can tell it represents a lasting and profound link between the European and African traditions - going way back.


  1. I agree, it's pretty awesome. The whole self-organising fractal dynamic in relation to divination and time, kinda bakes my noodle.