The birth of the Unmanifest Fact

OK brace yourself, we are going for a little trip to into the strange land that is my personal mysticism...

For me, the key part of all magical success involves getting into the paradoxical place where I know the spell has worked, before it has. This is a rather peculiar emotional state because it requires knowing/feeling with certainty that something has happened when, apparently, it hasn't happened yet. Some call it faith, and that is one way of talking about it but what I don't like about the word 'faith' is that it implies the work is going to happen still - it rests all its hope on some future event. No, what I am talking about here should rather be described as an unmanifest fact. What exactly, I hear you ask, is an unmanifest fact? Well, very simply put  - it is the unwavering knowledge inside, an indisputable fact - that states something has already happened but the outer stuff, you know what some folks call 'reality' is still, shall we say, catching up. And it catches up quickly too - sometimes so quickly that the gap is nearly unnoticeable.

Now, what's important about this is that once spawned an unmanifest fact invariably becomes a manifest fact. You see, they are both the same fact already - and the latter must necessarily proceed from the former just as the sun must rise in the east and set in the west. The question then becomes how to spawn an unmanifest fact in ones internal experiencewhich to say - the condition of knowing with absolute certainty something is true without having any evidence yet? What I am suggesting here is a kind of gravity defying mental/emotional contortion; a fabulously sparkly yet affordable form of non-dual awareness; a kind of inverse magical perception of reality; a radical point of view that sees things the way they are before they are the way they are.

A few important characteristics I've noticed about the Unmanifest Fact:
  1. The unmanifest fact is outside of time - it knows no future, or present - it just is.
  2. The unmanifest fact is real, perhaps more real than real stuff.
  3. The unmanifest fact is a feeling, a knowledge, an internal experience but its also the result of that feeling/knowledge/experience.
  4. The unmanifest fact is a fact just like all other facts except it appears to precede them. I say 'appears' here because something cannot precede something if it is that thing already, but we are using dualistic language here and I am doing my best to talk about something that annihilates all efforts to describe it.
One way of describing the mechanism for creating these kinds of facts would be to say that the most fertile ground for the spawning of an unmanifest fact is a state of consciousness that one could describe as the 'miracle-mind'. The miracle-mind is an infinitely available, fabulously wide open, mental-emotional continuum that entertains any possibility - even if only for a single moment. It's not an altered state of consciousness, however (although it can happen during those). I blogged about this idea once before and people thought I was being euphemistic at best or perhaps a little odd - even for a conjurer. Nonetheless,  detractors aside - I was being quite serious. If you want a miracle to happen then you should be able to entertain the possibility of a miracle even if it's just for one second. And whilst this sounds either obvious or crazy (or both) I would like to offer that at any moment of miracle-mind, which is that that impossibly wide open space of anything-is-possible, an unmanifest fact can be born. And you know what I am going to say comes after those don't you?

That's right, true magic.

I know, I know - it sounds like I am teaching a kind of Neo-Advaitan New Thought seminar on acid.

Nonetheless. Perhaps you recognise what I am talking about, perhaps you think it's just some kind of pseudo magical babble I've made up - but in upcoming posts I will try to elaborate more on how this entirely paradoxical  approach works for me.


  1. I think you make an important distinction between belief/faith in that it is generally future-oriented, and "knowing" and being fully aware of a self-generating fact that is, was, and ever shall be.

    I'd guess that most of the controversy over whether or not "believing in a spell" is useful is generated from a lack of that distinction.

  2. I entirely agree Pallas Renatus. The belief issue implies a future outcome of some sort. What I am getting at is an atemporal point of view and can be reached in this very moment. Once it is reached and touched - it appears that something 'happens' thereafter. But what ever happens it is in fact that which was touched in on that moment.

  3. That's interesting. At some point I had a "download" which basically described me what that Light thing I draw from the Crown downwards really is about. It's not "divine energy" or other cliches in the usual sense (although perhaps the term is not entirely wrong). It is un-manifested potentiality. It is the stuff that allows or makes stuff *become* "real".

    It is the first ingredient of "realness" for everything. Without this, you can't even begin to have something.

    Strangely the "And God said Let there be light" quote pops into mind.

    And it is definitely in some other place, and it can be definitely brought here.

    I pondered that when used in its "white-light from the crown" form, bathing the body of the magician as it is usually used in modern CM, it brings (slowly but steadily) the magician's true potential out.

    Of course it also can be "conditioned" to a specific influence or bound to objects.

    So yeah, I dig it :-).

  4. Wonderful entry. You've discussed the mechanics of something that generally would be difficult to describe or understand in a lucid and straight-forward fashion that really does justice to it, not to mention i like the term "unmanifest fact."

    A really significant moment for me when I was younger involved watching my conjure teaching do a work. She was standing at her altar and was casting a Hot foot conjure for a client. She did her prayers and what not then turned to me and said, "It's done. He's gone." What strikes me is that she wasn't saying the spell was done, because I could already see that, she was saying that her target being hot footed was done. He was already gone. It wasn't a belief, it was a conviction, a state of knowing that he was already gone. Not going to be gone, but already gone and out.

    That really stuck with me and you've done a wonderful job of really illustrating it.

  5. Oh yes yes yes. This is fantastic writing. I get this feeling too, with workings and even sometimes with things that are a possibility but I "know" they are for me. It just feels like it literally has my name on it. It's not a cocky overcompensation either, or something you reach for. It is as simple and true as knowing it is Tuesday. I've never seen it explained so well before and it's something I have long felt and struggled to express myself. Thank you!

  6. Yes folks, you hit the nail on the head! This is exactly what I am getting at. I am currently working on a written presentation for my method for getting there - will keep you posted as that develops.

  7. Crikey, so true so true so true! I love the "unmanifest fact" phrase and yes, to me, this is true magick. "Faith" is the closest single word the English language seems to have for this but it is certainly lacking. "Unmanifest fact" speaks to the truth of the matter - the total conviction that what is needed has occurred, as factual as a day of the week.

    And the miracle mind, that mental-emotional space where absolutely anything is possible, is totally like a muscle. Even getting there for a moment expands possibility, and the next time you look, it's easier to find.

    My goal is to live there someday.

  8. Mind-blowingly, life-changingly brilliant, Chad!