Profundity at Speculum Celestae

If you haven't yet I cannot more highly recommend checking out the Speculum Celestae blog by author and magical practitioner Nicholaj Frisvold. His most recent post, entitled Harmonious Aspiration is a tour de force entry plumbing the depths of the subtle non-dual perspective that is emerging in his vision of diaspora magics as well as the greater magical revival as a whole I believe. You cannot pigeon-hole this author's philosophical or magical outlook as he manages to coherently integrate renaissance thought, eastern non-duality, african, western and New World magics and philosophies into a singular dizzying vision. Sometimes it's hard to keep up! 

So, take some time with his blog it really is worth it. The message there seems especially important at a time when we are all being too easily drawn into the moral and philosophical dualisms that our magical work can provoke and the sometimes rather artificial binaries that these dualisms have attendant to them; celestial/infernal, good/evil, white/black etc.