All Things Under My Feet Oil

I recently created a condition oil which I am rather pleased with! It is a commanding and controlling formula with some ZAP. Designed to bring dominion over all conditions, to command all situations and people, to bring strength and crackling power ensuring that I am on top. It includes some of my favourite ingredients for this kind of thing.

Now I don't want y'all to think I am a bossy control freak...
OK maybe a little :)

It's just that I found in a lot of work bringing a commanding and controlling element to something can be a very useful tactic. You just need to keep the upper hand in some situations even if it's something nice like love work or sweetening work.

All Things Under My Feet Oil, ingredients:
Tobacco infusion oil
Calamus and Liquorice infusion oil
Sampson Snake Root infusion oil
Bergamot EO
Patchouli EO
Cedarwood EO
Sage EO
A piece of genuine Lightning Struck Wood

First I start by taking my roots and creating the Calamus and Liquorice, tobacco, and sampson snake root oil infusions. I macerate these in some oil and then cover them up with more oil and leave them in jars on the shelf for a couple of weeks to infuse. Daily I pick them up and pray over them a little.

When these root infusions are ready, I wait till it is twelve noon and the hands are at the top of the clock - because I want to be on TOP.  Take out my bible KJV and find Psalm 8, and in particular I want versicle  number 6:

6Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under his feet:

I take out a petition paper and write this verse out in bold letters. I then get out three purple candles, dress and fix them setting them in a triangle, lighting them with prayerful focus and magical intention. In the centre of these, atop the bible verse, I place my container bottle and blend all the ingredients making sure to get some roots in there as well, some tobacco and lastly my potent piece of twice-struck genuine african, lightning struck wood*. Praying as I do asking that the Spirit fill the oil with its power, I pray the whole of Psalm 8 over the oil and I keep working it till the power is cooking.

I leave it like this so the candles burn down around the oil bringing their heat and spiritual force to it. If I come back to my conjure room I continue to pray over everything every so often.

Then, for an additional 8 days (nine days in total from the start of the work), I fix a tea-light at noon to burn down over the the oil praying psalm 8 as i do so, continuing to work it spiritually, daily, untill it cooks with spiritual heat.

And there you have it - after nine days the All Things Under My Feet oil is ready, brimming with juju and chock full of roots and power. It can now be stored in a cool place and squirt of vitamin E oil should be added to avoid rancidity.

*If you don't have lightning struck wood you might want to find another appropriate ingredient with a fiery ZAP to include, such as a tiny bit of gunpowder for instance.


  1. so, what I am curious about, what does it smell like?

  2. It has a pleasant smoky wood and spice odour with hint of citrus that brightens it up.

  3. where in the world do you get real lightning struck wood, my friend?

  4. Its a tricky ingredient to find that is for sure! I wouldn't buy it online either. I found mine myself - by keeping an ear open and being lucky. Most people find it through a friend who gifts them a piece. Its my favourite juju ingredient - brings results FAST. You can substitute it for gunpowder in this recipe.

  5. what carrier oils do you use for the infusions?
    I'm definitely ordering some of your line soon.

  6. For this oil I use sweet almond :-)